Can I Pay Your Tab?

The phrase heard over and over is that you want your business to be “forward thinking.” But what does that really mean? The paradigm in business seems to have moved from a focus on the product to a focus on the customer. It is important that your business learn how to connect with their target population and to demonstrate to them the effect of your service or product for them and their lives. No longer is it as important to advertise the merits of the product itself.

Can I Pay Your Tab

You know that it pays to advertise. Having done your research, you also know that your product’s niche is with teens and lower income individuals. More often than not, this target group will not be tied to their computers searching your business on the internet. More likely, teens and low income people will likely have a cell phone. The best way for your company to advertise to its market is to send information through business texting.

More and more people text as a way of communicating. One could easily say that most people use their phones for texting more than they do as a phone. But there is one problem. Most individuals in your target group, who have phones, most often have text messaging plans that place restrictions on incoming and outgoing messages each month. This means that what you thought was the best way to reach your customer base pretty much will fail if these potential customers won’t open your text due to their plan restrictions, or they do open your text, get charged extra, and will definitely not be your customer because it cost them. So what is a business to do?

FTEU… Can I pay your tab?

FTEU stands for Free to End User, in other words, you pick up the tab for your client’s extra text messages they received from you at no charge to them. With your company picking up the costs, you can now send information such as coupons, upcoming event dates and sales your company is having in a way you have learned best reaches your target group.

You have also smacked around those two birds with one good stone throw. You won’t lose that customer by costing them more money in overage costs and you won’t lose out on them seeing your message all together because they won’t answer your text to save money. Advertising through text messages using FTEU has allowed you to be “forward thinking” with falling on your face because you didn’t see what your customer needed right in front of you.

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