CamScanner – One of The Best Android App to Scan Documents and Create PDF

The Android App Market is super huge and in it, there are many Android apps that allow us to scan documents from the camera itself, or rather, process pictures to later use it as readable documents. And this is getting better day by day with the help of latest hardware and other features, which in turn are making many devices like scanners obsolete to use, or limiting them for most basic uses only.

Having tried a few applications to cover my needs, I must say that CamScanner is second to none to be found in the Android ecosystem. It is a free application, which of course has a  Premium version costing $5 or INR 285 with which we can get rid of the watermark (a footnote, as usual but it’s not that much annoying) and surely you can buy the pro version for better results.

Camscanner Android App

Camscanner can make your phone act like a portable scanner with Fax. You are also able to digitalize any document by just taking photographs of it.

CamScanner creates PDF documents based on images of either the gallery or just the one taken with the camera. We just need to select the photos, the best makes better, and adjust the margins. The app interface is simple and allows us to adjust the margins based on its vertices, with a very useful zoom that will help us move and balance the document properly.


Camscanner is capable of scanning multi-page document. It possesses advanced Image Processing Technology with auto crop and auto image enhancement features. There are multiple ways to share the PDFs’ created with the app. You can fax it over Internet, email it or upload it to online storage services like Gogle Docs, DropBox etc.The app also provides easy document management and backup and restoration option.

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If you have tried this app then let us know your view, else, try it today as its free and share your experience then.

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