iPhone 5 Camera: Specifications and Features

The feature that always matter a lot in the presentation of a smartphone is its camera quality. In the case of Apple iPhone 5, the camera almost matched to the pre-release leaks, yet a lot was to be known. Finally after the launch of the iPhone 5, I can say that the iPhone Camera haven’t disappointed us, instead we saw some impressive results.


iPhone 5 Camera

At first it might seem after seeing the specifications in the keynote that no changes are made in the iPhone 5 camera and it remains same as iPhone 4S. You are wrong if you are thinking so. Improvements have been made in the camera section besides the thinness of the iPhone 5 (7.6 mm). The camera is 8 MP with a resolution of 3264×2448. The focal aperture remains at 2.4 (Samsung Galaxy SIII have 2.6 and Nokia Lumia 920 have 2.0). The shutter speed is 40% faster than the iPhone 4S. The camera of the iPhone 5 is really impressive when it comes to clicking pictures in low light. The camera also features Face Detection of upto 10 faces.


iphone 5 hd video recording

Like its predecessor, the iPhone 5 records videos at 1080p HD, although this model comes with improved image stabilizer. A striking new feature which is not so innovative is the ability to take still pictures while recording video. This feature is already there in almost any high-end Android Smartphone. Another improvement found is the option to cancel or mute outside noise while shooting videos. This noise cancellation features ensures better sound quality for the videos.

Front Camera

Considerable improvements were found with the iSight Camera (iPhone 5 Front Camera). It went from a VGA resolution to record 720p video which itself is amazing. Given the small thickness of the lens, as with the rear chamber of the fourth-generation iPod Touch, the still photos taken by by the front camera don’t look good at all. However, it comes with Face Detection technology and Backlight Sensor for better results.

iPhone 5 panorama shot

Panorama Mode

Hours before the iPhone 5 Launch, a speculation was made about the availability of Panorama image capture mode and I’m happy to say that the speculation was real and we can actually shoot or capture wide panorama photos of almost everything, may it be a family reunion group photo or a jaw-dropping shot of the Grand Canyon. One can easily and smoothly shoot up to an impressive 240 degrees. The gyroscope, A6 chip, and Camera app work together to create one seamless, high-resolution panorama up to 28 megapixels. Isn’t great, huh?

The results

Sea Side Photo Clicked with iPhone 5

You can find photos taken by the Apple iPhone 5 itself on the Apple website itself . You can also view it in full resolution and I must admit that the photos taken by the iPhone 5 are very detailed with a good depth. They are really spectacular. It will surely impress many.

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