Boston Acoustics TVee Model 25 Sound System with Sleek Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer

When I decided to update my TV then a friend of mine told me about Boston Acoustics TVee model 25. The sound which the speakers produce is very amazing. The sound quality is basically very superior to the previous TV speakers of mine. The Boston Acoustics TVee model 25 has the speaker system with a surround sound. The dialogue delivery can be heard very clearly in a cinematic sound for games and the movies. The stereo is richly enhanced for music. The size is incredibly perfect for the televisions of the size either 32 inches or even larger.

The design of the soundbar of the Boston Acoustics TVee model 25 is basic gray, which is fine as we do not need to wow people with the styling. The front panel of this device is quite attractive as it is thin and tall and stands out greatly.

The set of plug and play includes a wireless subwoofer and a sound bar. This plug-and-play solution has a spectacular sound and the system is overall self powered. The ability of the Boston Acoustics TVee model 25 being self powered means it does not need the separate amplifier or a receiver. All you need to do is to just hook it up in order to entertain yourself with the dynamic and powerful audio from your own TV by watching your most favourite TV shows and movies or watching or listening your most favourite music. Games can also be enjoyed with a perfect dynamic sound.

The installation of the Boston Acoustics TVee model 25 did not require me to put a lot of effort as it was very easy. I just connected the soundbar with my HDTV with a single cable and then mounted the soundbar on the wall by using the integrated keyholes which are 2 (wall mounts). There was not any need of the separate brackets.


I found it even easier to set it as it has the wireless subwoofer is therefore, it can be put anywhere in the whole room. To make things simpler your own remote control of your TV can be used by soundbar. Just program the remote in order to adjust the power, volume, music/movie mode, input.

There are features of the input of the digital optical for the audio content of Dolby Digital. When it is used with the surround processing of the digitally optimized Boston Acoustics TVee model 25, the sounds produced are ones that has crisp and are true to life.

Additionally the subwoofers that are wireless and are 6-inch down-firing produces the powerful, distortion free and deep bass. The reason is the BassTrac circuitry.

The Boston Acoustics TVee model 25 has listening modes 2 in number that provides the great audio experience. The movie mode gives the exciting surround sound that enriches you in a cinematic environment. The other mode which is the music mode has the sound quality that is not less than the concert environment.

There is an auxiliary input of 3.5-millimeter on the rear panel of the soundbar which makes it real easy to connect numerous devices of portable media. You can play your favourite videos or music from your iPod or any other MP3 player via the Boston Acoustics TVee model 25 in an excellent quality.


By the addition of the Boston Acoustics TVee model 25 to your Television it has become extremely easy for me to improve my viewing experience. It gives the legendary sound of the Boston Acoustics which complements the high definition quality of the picture. Whatever I watch whether it is sports, movies or else I play games, listen to my favourite tracks while relaxing it just provide me with the best which I wish for. It has the ability to bring every sound, every note and every tackle to life with so much clarity and a great impact.

The programming however can become easier if you set the speakers so that they enter the programming mode. Then you are supposed to push the power button up at the exact moment to get it worked and also put the volume up. So once volume up button is programmed then you will experience a pretty nice beating. Though I did not face any problems concerning the programming instructions but I guess many people are facing it.

The Boston Acoustics TVee model 25 has the front panel which has the button rows on the right side. This is meant for controlling the Boston Acoustics TVee when you do not find the remote. I found that on the front panel, there is absence of the display therefore; the visual feedback will not be accessible to make the adjustments. This is of course bad, because the many soundbars now-a-days have started to include the displays of the front panel in order to make selection for the input or the volume.

Its soundbar has the following features; there is a DSP control switch which is able to maximize the performance that is based on the placement of the soundbar. Also the 2.4 GHz built-in transmitter is also there which sends the audio signals to the subwoofer which is wireless. Also consists of the AC power cord. It also learns the mute command and the volume control of my existing remote control. The drivers are of full range. Therefore, provides the virtual, powerful and dynamic surround sound quality which is not less than the real theatre sound.

The 2.1 system of the Boston Acoustics TVee model 25 consists of a soundbar which is very sleek and the wireless subwoofer which works seamlessly together. It is a classy device in which each component has been engineered in such a way that it meets the standards of highest performance. Definitely the performance is the measure of the value. The Boston Acoustics TVee model 25 is a device that has fulfilled the sound quality needs of the people. This is how it has exceeded the expectations of some very serious listeners over the decades.

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