The best web browser games to play in 2016

Although console gaming and app-based gaming can present some of the most eye-opening graphics and gameplay options, it’s still basic browser-based gaming that can provide the quickest and most satisfying fix of gaming fun.

This is because rather than having to wait to download the software, you can simply fire up your web browser and instantly get into the action and enjoy some of these great browser games of 2016!

There’s a huge range of styles and genres out there from battle arena to online casino games. But for a quick and weirdly addictive example of browser gaming, it’s hard to beat the simple fun of Geometry Dash that doesn’t require fancy graphics to test your talents!


One big feature of browser gaming is that they often use famous and established games but update them for contemporary tastes. And it’s the likes of World’s Biggest Pacman that shows that certain types of game will never go out of style.

Even some of the world’s favourite casino games have been given a 21st century revamp for our web browsers with Coral’s gaming site providing us with another pick of the online casino trend thanks to their simple and surprisingly lucrative slots games like the endlessly enjoyable Jackpot Giant.

Some browser games go one step further in their reinventions. Whilst there are plenty of fairly primitive browser-based mini-golf games out there, Wonderputt reimagines the game of golf with sophisticated landscapes and some truly beautiful graphics.

It’s also been interesting to see how browser game developers have attempted to adapt some of the more recent gaming trends for quick and easy playing. In particular Runescape does a great job of reinventing the popular MMORPG games in a way that won’t slow down your browser, whilst Desktop Tower Defence does a similar job of adapting the massive tower defence trend.

But sometimes it’s when some of the more innovative browser games strip everything back to the bare minimum that the most impressive gaming results follow. A great example of this is the text-based survival game A Dark Room that manages to deliver an impressive amount of drama considering you’re merely dealing with plain black text on a white background!

And with even huge franchises like Command and Conquer jumping on board the browser gaming bandwagon with their Tiberian Alliances release, it shows that it’s not just the online casino sites that are reaping the benefits of the browser gaming revolution!

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