Best Tablets in India between Rs20K to 30K

Tablets are the hottest and the latest gadget. These are the best tablets available in the Indian market with the latest technology and are priced in between 20k to 30k INR. Tablets are a great alternative for people who only use their laptop for browsing and playing games.


Apple ipad2 – The Ultimate Leader

Apple products are known for its quality and the ipad 2 stands first when compared to any other tablets in the market. They are very easy to use and the touch experience is simply the best. A person who is used to an Apple iPad will not settle for any other tablet. It is a 9.7 inch LED backlit touch screen display with dual core processor which makes the tablet very fast. The ipad has a dual camera with a 5 MP back camera and the front VGA camera. The camera quality is not that great in ipad. The operating system of the ipad is also superior but the only problem in Apple product is that we cannot customize it the way we want it unless you ready to jailbreak it. The ipad 2 is extremely thin and light weighted when compared to the previous version. It comes with a whooping price of 30,000 INR for a 16GB device without 3G


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Best in Term of Performance

It is the second best tablet in the market. It has a 10.1 inch touch screen and runs on android 3.1 OS. This particular tablet has very high hardware configuration which makes the device fast. This tablet also has dual camera with 3MB back camera and 2MB front camera. The tablet runs with 1GB RAM and with 64GB storage capacity to store music videos and games. This particular piece of wonder comes for the price of 24000 INR.


BlackBerry Playbook – Always Stay Connected

The playbook is an optimum device for all who loves Blackberry products. It has a dual camera with a 5MP back camera and a 3MP front camera. The playbook is quite small with a 7 inch touch screen display and has a professional look. The additional quality which makes the Playbook stand apart is its Micro USB, HDMI, Full HD video support. The device runs with Blackberry tablet OS powered by QNX technology. The price for a 16GB playbook comes for 27,000 INR


Motorola Xoom – Smart Tablet

The last but not the least is the Motorola Xoom. It has a 10.1 inch touchscreen display with 1280×800 widescreen HD resolution. Like all the other tablets, it also comes with dual camera which captures good quality videos and pictures. The 5MB back camera and the 2MB front camera works like a charm. It is powered by 1 GHz dual core processor which makes the device fast and desirable. It has an internal memory of 1GB RAM and runs with Honeycomb (Andriod 3.2). Like the playbook it also supports HDMI cable to connect it to an external device.  This device starts from 30,000 INR


All these tablets belong to reputable brands that are known for their good performance and durability. The also look very stylish and sleek which makes them stand out from the crowd other tablets.


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