Best Smartphones from Samsung Launched in 2011

To consider some of the best smart phones in the Samsung that are launched in 2011 you must consider the ones like Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Samsung Exhibit II 4G – marine blue, Samsung Focus Flash, Samsung Stratosphere, Samsung Transform Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile), Samsung Galaxy S II (AT & T), Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Sprint), Samsung Vitality SCH-r720 (Cricket Wireless).


Samsung with Android Latest Applications

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is having the latest Android updates. It is going to be the official launch of Android 4. This set meant to make the manufacturers hard to find a modern Operating system. The features and the specs of this phone are such that it is having the dual core 1.2 GHz cortex-A9 CPU. It has almost 1 GB RAM. The display screen of the set is about 4.65 inches long and is having the AMOLED display. The internal memory is about 16 or it can be made to 32 GB after enhancement. It is having 4G LTE support. The camera is about 5 mega pixel that can focus on the rear facing features. It has the capability of 1080p video capturing. The front camera is about 1.3 megapixels. The phone weighs about 135 grams.


Samsung Galaxy Features

To consider the Samsung Galaxy S II shyrocket (AT & T) that can be perfectly used in the area that is having the network availability for AT & T’s LTE network. It has a digital camera along with digital player features. The camera is about 8 mega pixels that support high quality video capturing. It supports the GSM network. On the hand the Samsung Exhibit II 4G – marine blue (T-Mobile) is the one that is having the touch screen of about 3.7 inches. It is the one that is capable to support the wireless network phone calls. It works perfect when you have even buried it in some area that is having poor cell tower reception. The screen is very bright with good resolution power. The battery is good enough to support he phone for longer hours.


High Quality Picture Capturing in Samsung

The Samsung Focus Flash (AT & T) is having 2 cameras that support high quality picture capturing. It has a 1.4 GHz processor. The screen is vivid enough to visualize games and videos clearly. The phone owns the middling call quality. Its screen is about 3.7 inches long and is consisting digital player and FM availability. The Samsung Stratosphere is doing with high speed provision. It is possessing business tools that are making it highly demanding in the market world. It is provided with 5.8 oz. the screen is up to 4 inches long.


Samsung Transform Ultra Features

The Samsung Transform Ultra is the one that is having screen up to 3.2 inches wide. It is joining the Boost Mobile Android lineup. It possesses the CDMA quality. On the other hand the Samsung Galaxy S II is the most powerful Android smart phones. It possesses the GSM quality. The camera is about 8 megapixels. The screen is about 4.52 inches long whereas the Samsung Galaxy S II (AT & T) is having the dual core processor. It is having vibrant screen display. It is provided with 4.3 inches long screen.


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