Best Smartphones from Nokia Launched in 2011

There has been a trend nowadays to use the smart phones. The young generation is prone towards keeping smart phones as they contain advance features for your ease. There have been reviews of the customers as well regarding the modern smart phones of 2011.

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To consider some of the best smart phone from Nokia in 2011 you must never forget to mention the ones like Nokia X7-00 smartphone, Nokia N9-00 smartphone, Nokia E6-00 smartphone, Nokia E7-00 business phone, Nokia N8-00 smartphone and the Nokia C6-01 smartphone.

Handsets with Symbian Anna OS

The N9-00 Nokia smartphone is considered as the first pure touch phone launched in the 2011. It has the MeeGo operating software. The display screen is up to 3.9 inches that is further having a covering of Gorilla Glass. This phone is having the quality of being scratch proof. Hence you don’t need to worry about its external appearance.

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It has internal memory about 16GB. Moreover this memory can be enhanced to the level of 64 GB along with a swappable MircroSD card slot. It has a camera of 8 mega pixel along with a dual LED flash. Furthermore the Nokia X7-00 is the one that is special and unique because of its new operating system Symbian Anna OS. The touch screen is having the size of about 4 inches. It is having high resolution power to view the pictures and games or videos. Moreover the appearance of the smartphone is very cool and attractive. It has the features of Bluetooth, micro USB, audio connecter etc. it has the facility to support the internet TV service. Hence you can tune to international TV channels through it.


Nokia Business Phones

The Nokia E6-00 is having the best features to support its users. Firstly to see its outlook, it is very compact in its appearance. The phone is having the internal memory of up to 8GB. But it can be increased to the level of 32 GB. You connect through it to numerous networking sites like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. The camera is 8 mega pixels that can focus fully on the picture.

On the other hand if you consider the Nokia E7-00 Business phone, you would be astonished to know that it is becoming very famous in the current world. It has a black colored touch screen that is about 4 inches long. The camera is 8 mega pixels that are capable to capture high quality videos. It is mostly demanded in the market due to its advance features.


Nokia Smartphones Allow Tuning of International Channels

The Nokia N8-00 smartphone is the one that is having a camera of about 12 mega pixels. It can support good quality HD video. It can facilitate you in connecting to the international TV channels through using its web service. Moreover the Nokia C6-01 smart phone seems to be having packed features. It has a clear AMOLED display. It can help you out in connecting to the channels like CNBC, BBC, national geographic, Discovery channel etc. You may expand its memory up to 32 GB. You can install more than thousand applications in to it.


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