Best Smartphones from LG Launched in 2011

LG has launched various newer smart phones sets within 2011. For instance the LG has launched the Android powered smartphone being known as the LG E2 that is having optimum functionalities. It can be operated on the Android v2.3 operating system. The phone has the sub-gigahertz processor.

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The gadget has the capability of 600 MHz processor. The set is having a fashionable outlook. It has 256 k color display that makes it glowing. The camera is about 3.2 mega pixels camera. The camera is capable for the auto focus functions. It is having the Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP. The Wi-Fi 802 is supported by the set. The video formats that can be viewed in the set are MP4, H.264, H.263. It is also having the document viewer capability.

Fashionable LG Handsets

The LG Prada K2 is another fashionable LG phone that is having the dual core processor. It is having the functionalities of the Android 2.3. There are dual cameras that are arranged such that the 1.3 MP lies on the front side while the 8MP lies on the back side. It has a screen display of about 4.3 inches that makes the videos and games display much clearer. On the other hand if you view the LG Univa, it is also awesome at its place. Though it is having a lower position in the listings of the LG phones, but it is unique due to its 800 MHz processor. There is a HVGA screen of about 3.5 inches long. The camera is about 5MP.


LG Fantasy Handset Features

On the other hand if you check the LG Hyperbole, it is having the LG Fantasy handset features. It is having the rocking operating system qualities. It consists of the WVGA screen. The processor is about 1GHz. It has the juicy Mango operating system. Whereas on the other hand the LG Victor is another Android phone that is termed as the Ginger-powered handset.

It is having the screen display of about 3.8 inches wide. The phone possesses the dual camera features such that the rear one is 5 MP while the front one can be more or less then it. The screen display is OLED.  There is a VGA camera lying on the front side of the hand set. It works on the operating system of the Android 2.3. Hence it is regarded as one of the highly demanded handsets amongst the LGG sets.

Mysterious LG Handsets

If you check the LG K you would find it mysterious because it is not that widely used as compared to the others. It is having the model number P930. The phone has a 720p HD display. The handset is having the NOVA display. The set is full of plentiful features. The specifications of the phone are unique and high quality. If you observe the LG optimus, it is the 3D smartphone. It can perform the unrevealing of pictures taken by its cameras. The LG P430 – K can be having the screen display of 14 inches. But this depends on the type of the formats for the sub notebooks.

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