Best Google Plus App For iPad

Google plus is relatively new member of social media family and the most important fact is it has grown up very fast. I think and every one of you will agree with me that rapid growth of Google plus is because of the name Google.  People are so much involved in the social medias and you can say they are very much stick to social media. It has become a very much part of life.

As the advancement of web is happening by social media and other web 2.0 property, device technology has been evolving also in the same wave. The most fascinating innovation of the flexible technology is development of tablets. Now every instance is happening by the speed of touch. People are getting addicted to these devices as they are with social Medias.

Best Google Plus App For iPad

The battle of technology is always there and for the Android tablets they are still happening.  Apple got iPad with their own operating system and to fight that Google got their operating system as well. But when it comes to use social Medias everyone wants to use them in every devices. This urges the synchronization of devices with the applications.

Although Google has a native Google plus app for Apple’s iPhone, they are still refusing to synchronize with the Apple’s technology which i believe is the sole reason for not releasing a native Google plus app for iPad till now. Well, this makes other app developers to create Google plus apps for iPad and let’s see the best Google plus app’s which are available in the iTunes store.

Google Plus App’s Available For iPad

1) Google+ (By Google, Inc.)

This is the native Google plus app from Google inclusion which supports all the Apple devices up to iPhone. Although you can install this app on iPad, you won’t get the complete Google plus experience on iPad, because this app doesn’t support the iPad’s screen size. Also this native Google plus app doesn’t support the landscape and portrait mode which I feel is a major disadvantage for iPad users. If you don’t want to use 3rd party apps for accessing Google plus on your iPad, then you can use this app.

Download Google+

2) G-Pad+ – for Google+ (By Loytr Inc)

G-Pad+ is the best available Google plus App for iPad. Using this app we can access most of the Google+ features. Although this app have few drawbacks which includes the need to log into Gmail before we access Google plus and sidebar buttons sometimes returning blank white pages, the G-Pad + is still an useful iPad app for accessing Google plus. The app is available at the iTunes store for a price of 99 cents and we believe it’s worth the money.

Download G-Pad+ – for Google+

3) Plus for Google

Plus for Google is the first 3rd party released for using Google plus on iPad. Similar to G-Pad+ app, this app supports almost all the features and it does have the landscape and portrait mode which is not available with the official Google+ app. If you are a serious Google plus and iPad user, then this is the second best Google plus app available for you.

Download Plus For Google

Have you tried any of these apps for accessing Google plus on iPad?

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