Best Games For The New iPhone 5

If you have already got your hands on the new iPhone 5, you must have noticed that not all the apps and games take advantage of the iPhone 5’s wider screen and better graphics. Although the updates for the new iPhone have been coming quite fast, but still there are a host of applications and games that show black spaces on either side the moment they are switched on in the new iPhone.

Here are three games that will take full advantage of the iPhone 5’s wider sreen and better graphics.

Asphalt 7

Heat, the latest in a popular arcade-style racing franchise, has all the features you could wish for in an arcade racing game and it looksequally amazing on the iPhone 5’s wider display. 60 different licensed cars from manufacturers all over the world, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin are given to you at the start of the game.

All cars areintricately detailed and look great on the iPhone 5’s Retina Display – a treat for your eyes, as a connoisseur will tell you. You have six different game modes to choose from, in which you will get a total of 15 different leagues for a total of 150 different races. Set in real cities around the world, such as London, Miami and Paris, with all the appropriate landmarks, this game is a real treat for everyone.

Wild Blood

The second game in this list is an action RPG which will throw you in the boots of an warrior against demonic beasts as battle your way to save a kidnapped queen. Wild Blood, built with the simulation platform Unreal Engine, features stunning 3D graphics as you hack and slash your way through hordes of enemies.

The story although little far-fetched, makes for a great fun experience. With amazingly beautiful 3D graphics, realistic ambient sounds, along with frenetic but fairly linear gameplay, this game is a must-play.

FIFA Soccer 13

The last game in this is the newest version of the popular soccer series, FIFA 13, which is arguably the best sports game available on iOS. You have 500 fully licensed teams to play with, and over 15,000 players, across 30 leagues.

You can play in your favorite team along with other realistic attributes like passing to you favorite players, use a host of new skills to play the game and score goals. A must-play for soccer fanatics.

Lots and lots more apps will also be arriving in near future taking advantage of the larger screen of iPhone 5. Apple launched this evolutionary, not revolutionary of course, iPhone 5 on September 12 and by now it is made available in more than two dozens of countries across the world.

By December Apple says the iDevice will reach around 100 more countries. iPhone 5 sports 5-inch screen and is run on the latest iOS 6 mobile operating system. We have covered a post with iPhone 5 complete review and verdict. Below are the links of the article.

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