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There are already lots of people who are starting to be interested in mixing music. Well, this is understandable since hearing a new sound out from an existing sound is pretty exciting. So, how will you make this possible? Well, you need the help of the best DJ mixing software available online. However, most DJ mixing programs online are paid versions in which novices will never afford to spending a single dollar for it.

You can check the Digital DJ Pro as this is now considered as the best DJ mixing software. Aside from the fact that this is the best when it comes to being a user friendly application, it is also a free program. Well, you should be very interested on how this program works.

Digital DJ Pro

How to use Digital DJ Pro:

1. Download the program for free from this site: It is a program which is virus-free. It has a size around 9MB making it a small and fast to be downloaded application.

2. After downloading, you are now off to running the program. Once opened, it will automatically look for the music files installed on your computer. It may take a couple of minute depending on the number if music files it needed to browse for along with the memory size of your system.

3. After the program gathered all the music files, you are now ready to mix the music. You just have to go to the “Options” tab and under it, choose “Preferences”.

4. On that “Preferences” option, you will be redirected to a window full of parameters. For a starter, messing up with those parameters may urge the application to stop working perfectly. Just focus on the “Sound Hardware Options”.

From there, you will access all the options which can change the pitch, speed, latency, output, and behavior of the audio file. You can browse on the playlist and choose the music you wanted to mix. Just adjust the options until you get the desired mix.

5. You also have the ability to change the location of your music library. Although this is not much needed, this can help you to make the music files more organized. It will just bring you back to the “Browse” window and choose among the folders which you desire to install the music library.

At first, using Digital DJ Pro can be confusing. You just have to familiarize yourself with the program. There are already lots of Digital DJ Pro users who decided to share their knowledge on how to truly use the application with convenience and produce quality DJ mixed music. Actually, Digital DJ Pro has the friendliest interface compared to other similar DJ music mixer.

Download Now: Digital DJ Pro (Special link for people from USA)

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