Be Protected and Illuminated with Motion-Activated LED Outdoor Light

If you wanted to be safe from burglars without worrying that much with the electricity consumption, then it is advisable for you to have the Motion-Activated LED Outdoor Light. This is a burglar alarm which has minimum requirements to make it run perfectly. It can effectively scan all the creatures that may pass through its sensor just like the more expensive and complicated burglar alarms sold in the market.


Why an Eco-Gadget?

It is considered as a green gadget because it can be run by a rechargeable battery. Yes, you just read it right. You just have to use 4 C cell batteries and can be recharged by any type of chargers (particularly solar-powered chargers). Just imagine the amount of electricity which you can save from this. According to the product’s specs, a fully-charged Motion-Activated LED Outdoor Light can last up to 30,000 hours and of course, you will just activate the gadget when you are not at the location or a burglar threat is present.

However, the Motion-Activated LED Outdoor Light will just work once it sensed darkness. This means that this will not work during daytime or when the sun is still at the sky. This is perfect for burglars who usually attack during at the peak of the night.

The Advantages

The best thing about this is that it is 100 percent water-proof. It is made by Maxsa which managed to allow the gadget to rotate up to 360 degrees – just enough to scan all the corners of the covered location. You can put in a place wherein you needed to have the heightened security since this Motion-Activated LED Outdoor Light is a light gadget. The gadget can scan up to 10 ft from where it is installed. It can stay for a particular side scanning it for almost 12 seconds making it a very protective and effective security product.

Unlike the other burglar alarms, it can be installed easily. The precise instructions are included on its packaging and all you need to do is follow the steps indicated there. Other tools which can help you to hide it and install it are also included on the package. While installing it, you do not have to worry that much for complicated wirings because this gadget does not have those kinds of wires.

This is not just a security tool but you can also set it as a light on dark passages within your property. It uses high quality LED making it a very bright light yet energy efficient. It will automatically switch on as soon as it detects darkness within its covered space.

Currently, Maxsa sells Motion-Activated LED Outdoor Light for 25 dollars each unit. It can be bought online from popular online selling sites and even from its official website. For typical days, you will be required to have an added charge for delivery fees. However, there are also times wherein some of the sellers of this gadget allow and offer free deliveries for limited span of time and on some places.


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