Basic Things to Know About Linux and Java

OpenJDK (Open Java Development Kit) is a kit which is used to implement Java language on operating system and various softwares written in java applications or web services that need it. OpenJDK operating system comes installed in Ubuntu but the way it is implemented and how it works leaves much to be desired. As an alternative we have available OpenJDK Sun Java (JRE) developed by Sun Microsystems.


Making History

Java is an innovative technology which Sun Microsystems launched in 1995 and soon it had a remarkable impact on the entire community of software developers, imposing the special qualities such as simplicity, robustness and portability. Originally called OAK, Java consists of a high-level programming language upon which a number of platforms for the implementation of software applications for all industry segments are built on.

Perhaps in your everyday browsing you came across various sites that notified you via a pop-up message that you need a java plugin for proper operation or use of the service. Also you would have encountered online games that require Java plugin. This OpenJDK plugin comes pre-installed in Ubuntu and it will launch allowing you to play the game you want or use the service. Often, OpenJDK is not just the right thing, causing the browser or in applications that require Java environment to crash. The solution is to uninstall OpenJDK and use Sun Java (JRE).

Let us See some Brief Descriptions

But first of all let us see the advantages of the Ubuntu operating system and Java language and then draw conclusions. Linux is a developer’s paradise many say, it will do only what you tell it to do. If you do not like something about it, you can change whatever you want – so there is no possibility of complaining to someone that does not work and it is fast; you can “mold” it perfectly to your system configuration (boot record time under 1 minute), you do not need super-systems to achieve high performance. And it’s free.

Java is portable. Because it’s running programs through a “virtual machine” (Java Runtime Environment), which is independent of the computer’s hardware architecture and operating system used. Java is easy to learn. Java is based on the older C / C + +, from which it inherits the essential elements, but there were removed features that were hindering the program. Java is ideal for the Internet. This is due to the fact that it was designed specifically to work on the network and the online medium is very suited for distribution of applications. And this free also.

So there you have it! We can all see that the list of advantages might go on only elaborating these basic ones. Although there are people who might say “yeah, but I am not a programmer”. It is true! But anyone can be a user.

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