Basic Android Shortcuts You should Know about

The best thing about technology is that it lets you do your thing in style and that too you are thrown to a multitude of options to select from. Every single day there are new sets of mobiles in the market which makes it confusing for us to select the best out of the rest. With different screen size, camera pixels, touch type, memory, sound and operating system it helps in the selection of the most suitable phone for us. There are some important things that we need to be aware of before buying any mobile. There are several operating systems like android, windows, mango, ios, symbian, etc.  While some are outdated; some are still in the developing phase.

The android is the most desirable and fastest selling operating system at present. All mobile manufacturers have come up with different mobile handsets with various versions of android to attract the crowd.


What is Android?

Android is the best operating system designed for mobiles by Google which is based on the Linux platform. It is an open source platform with unlimited number of applications and different market stores. There are several versions of android like Ginger Bread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean (latest). The next version is expected android 5.0 by late 2013.

Basic Android Tips and Tricks:

Useful Android tips and tricks

For starters:

  • To switch between apps use the home button and the recent app icon.
  • To close a running app go to settings > apps > device > select app and force stop.
  • To set default app – use by default for this action before running the app.
  • For uninstalling app – touch and hold the app icon and drag and drop to uninstall icon or go to settings > device > apps > select app and use the option button to uninstall.
  • To add icons – keep pressing the home screen and select the add icon or touch and hold icon for a shortcut and drag it to the home screen.
  • To delete an icon– touch and hold the icon and drag it to recycle bin.
  • To rearrange icons you may use the tap button on the corner or tap and hold the icon and move it to a different location.
  • To create a folder – touch and hold an icon and drag it over another, then automatically a folder will be created and you may rename it.
  • To use print screen option you may hold the power and volume button simultaneously and see the image in gallery.
  • To select wallpapers touch and hold empty space on the home screen and chose gallery or live wallpaper.
  • To access notifications drag the box icon on the top of screen downwards and you may empty the list by dragging the notifications sideways.

The above mentioned steps are some of the basic tricks that can be used for android apps with just the basic functionalities. The advanced tips are mentioned in my next post.

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