Atongm Pocket Sized Bluetooth Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

Few years ago a new science fiction came along the world that was related to the virtual keyboard. People watched it in the movie that a virtual keyboard can be created on any flat surface but it wasn’t available anywhere around in the real life. But now that science fiction is available in the real life and fully functional. You’re definitely going to get wooed after knowing about it and you can even buy it easily just like you buy any glossary item online.

Atongm is the brand which is behind the development of this virtual keyboard which works with Bluetooth connectivity and right now supporting Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms. These four are the main and most popular computing platforms and thus they are targeting a large user base.

Atongm Pocket Sized Bluetooth Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

A ray of laser coming out of this pocket sized Bluetooth gadget will enable a virtual keyboard on any flat surface and then you’ll be able to start typing. While using this virtual keyboard you’ll feel like water flowing through there and you’re going to have an awesome experience for sure.


Laser projection virtual keyboard is really true now and you can buy it at a price of just $67.11 on Gearbest. It is ultra portable and can be carried in your pocket easily.

It’s in a cylindrical form which is light weight and pocket sized in measurement and consists of certain things related to this laser keyboard. A laser pointing is in the middle, a USB port for charging and connectivity.

The projection of the keyboard can be done up to 100mm distance from the device and it requires non-reflective and opaque flat surface. It can dete4ct up to 350 characters in a minute so even if you’re having an awesome super speed then still this keyboard is not going to say ‘No’ to you.

The keyboard created virtually is standard English QWERTY layout which you’re already familiar with and you can even change it to certain modes.

It works on external power source of less than 5V 1A and also got in-built battery of 700mAh rating to let you type even if the power source isn’t available. Battery can let it work up to 200 minutes while it takes just 120 minutes to get fully charged.

The platform or operating systems being supported are Windows XP/7/8/Vista, Windows Phone 7, iOS (iPhone 4/5S and iPad), Android 3.1+ and even our beloved Mac OS X. So it is covering most of your devices and I’m pretty sure they are developing it for standard Linux OS versions as well.

The brands which are compatible are HTC, BlackBerry, Sony, Apple, Motorola, LG, Nokia and Samsung. Thus it is covering almost every smartphone which are commonly found with any user these days.

The only limitation with this sci-fi gadget is that it doesn’t work in direct sunlight conditions but I’m sure you won’t be typing anywhere in such condition but in room or anywhere around it works superb. In fact, Atongm Pocket Sized Bluetooth Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard is going to be the next gadget you can use to woo your friends.

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