ASUS F55A-AH91 15.6-Inch Laptop

The ASUS F55A-AH91 has the unique features and is affordable as well. It is very ideal for the people who wish to have a quality along with the reliability of the notebook for the purpose of work or either play. It has the unique features and is composed of the excellent technology as it provides a terrific solution for my entertainment as well as productive needs. The ASUS laptops are one of the top most in the market in terms of reliability rankings.

The ASUS F55A-AH91 is the laptop which gives me peace of mind as it is of the quality which I can completely trust on. I previously purchased the laptop of the other brand but after getting the ASUS F55A-AH91 laptop I found it to be the best among others. It feels extremely nice while striking the keys of the laptop.

The screen picture quality is tremendous. The programs in the laptop load up quite quickly. The previous laptop which I purchased did not load up the programs as quickly as ASUS does as the ASUS is a leader in the global technology which aims to master the innovation and focus on designing the perfection.


Now-a-days ASUS is the world’s top most manufacturers of the motherboards and therefore, one of the world’s top brands of the PC. ASUS enhances the needs of the customers by embodying the passion for the creation of the unique products which are tested in order to surpass the industry standards. It survives various drop tests, LCD pressures tests, Hinge tests and many others. In this way it is ensured that each product of ASUS will be one of the best purchases.

The ASUS laptops are known for the reliability and it has offered me with the peace and satisfaction that my purchase is the best investment. The company uses the premium materials only which focuses to deliver the outcome which is astonishingly excellent. Additionally the ASUS laptops have the best industry’s warranty. The company also provides the free protection against accidental damage for one whole year. Therefore, it has made me so much care free by knowing that it has so much to offer.

The ASUS laptops are designed by keeping the users in mind as the laptop is equipped with the A series with innovation that fulfils my necessities. It has the IceCool Technology which even after a very long use assists in keeping cool palm rest cool.

There is ASUS Pal Proof Technology which helps to prevent the cursor movement that is inadvertent while typing on track pas. In this way it provides the accuracy in a better way when writing a document or editing.

The ASUS F55A-AH91 has the LED panel of high definition and the sound which is SRS premium therefore; it delivers an extremely excellent experience of the multimedia which is immersive. The laptop has the speakers of Altec Lansing.
I can even log in to my laptop in a password free manner by the facial recognition. It is due to the feature known as the SmartLogon. It is a technology which recognizes face. It also provides me additional satisfaction as it does not allow the access of unwanted people. In this way my laptop is secured and it saves me time as well.

One of the key features of the ASUS F55A-AH91 laptops is its Hard Drive which is of 320 GB and it’s pretty large. This helps me to store a vast collection of songs, movies, games, clips, photos and many other essential files and documents are able to be stored.


One of the pros is its touchpad. I basically started loving it as it is quite responsive and I am able to scroll down or up by using just 2 of my fingers. This feature is also present in the Mac. I can even zoom in or zoom out anything just by bringing my fingers closer and outwards respectively.

I enjoy browsing, making calls via Skype, mailing listening to music and watching several videos of high definition. I even carry it to my work place where I do all the documentation work on it.

At times on free time I even play games but at times while playing a particular game the laptop shows the message of being running out of memory and then it closes the game. As a good gamer I know that such a thing is not acceptable. Still I find it fantastic for the cost it has. If you wish to play games on it then you must get an additional memory just like I did.

It has the 4-cell battery but the battery life is found to be quite low by me. May be because I use it too much and it requires me to charge the battery on and often. After a couple of hours of web surfing I have to plug in the charger. This is one of the cons I must say as my previous laptop lasted for longer hours as compared to the ASUS F55A-AH91 Laptop. Generally it happens that after a year or 2 years the battery of the laptop starts shedding quickly but in this case it sheds quickly right after purchasing it.

I have found it a good purchase on a very reasonable price. It works quite well for the regular based use and tasks. It has been proved to be great though! I am quite glad to have the spreadsheet programs and basic WP included along with the Windows 7 which saved me a lot.

The keyboard material and the surroundings are kind of light in weight. It has a good display though but it can be seen that there is somewhat the narrow angle of viewing. It has the pretty fast internet speed and has a good streaming of the videos and audios. The graphics run pretty smoothly especially as compared to the last laptop I had. Overall the machine is good for the domestic daily base use. It is fast as well as efficient.

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