Apple’s Move to a Smaller Dock Connector – Why…and Why Now?

One of the most likely and at-present most feared features of Apple’s next iPhone is the inclusion of a brand new, smaller and perhaps chipped dock connector. Rumors of Apple’s plans to ditch the 30-pin connector in favor of a smaller version have been circulating since long before the iPhone 4 ever saw the light of day, though in this instance the whispers are beginning to turn into shouts.

In fact, several well-reputed industry authorities are now speaking with confidence that Apple will indeed be introducing a new dock connector.

The problem is, doing so would not only render all existing accessories and peripherals entirely redundant for buyers of the iPhone 5, but would also make it incredibly difficult and perhaps impossible for third-party developers to come up with new ones.

Apple’s Move to a Smaller Dock Connector – Why…and Why Now?

Why Now?

So, the question begs as to why exactly Apple is choosing such a step forward…and why now?

Well, both questions can in fact be answered in one fell swoop – that being in relation to internal space for components. Each and every time Apple comes along with a new iPhone, it must deliver something bigger and better than its predecessors in terms of hardware specs and performance. As such, internal space is one of the most precious of all commodities and the more features Apple needs to pack into the iPhone, the more space they need to do so.

As such, given the fact that the iPhone 5 is expected to deliver a quad-core processor, larger screen, NFC technology, 4G LTE and better battery life than its predecessor, every last square millimeter must be used to its full potential.

It is therefore likely that the traditional dock connector has been dubbed too large and too dated to justify its use with Apple’s new-generation iPhones.

No Concern for Apple

Timing is of course unlikely to prove a problem for Apple as their global reverence is at such a level today that they seemingly cannot put a foot wrong in the eyes of the consumer. What’s more, fears of all existing accessories becoming obsolete could potentially be put to rest by the creation of simple adapters or connection cables to convert between the two.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is expected to launch later this fall.

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