Apple’s iPhone 5 Got Wi-Fi Issues: Device Users

After the Maps app issues of iOS 6, now comes the Wi-Fi problem in iPhone 5. User forums have started piling up in just three days after the releasing of the iDevice that it has got issues with its Wi-Fi connectivity.

However, the real cause of the Wi-Fi is still not clear, but a thread on the Support Communities page of Apple shows repeated references to the router security settings.

One such post there reads, “I deactivate… the WPA2 Personal Wifi Security [on the router] and the iphone started to browse the web normally.”

Besides, the MacRumors site also carries a thread on its forum titled as “Painfully slow Wi-Fi on new iPhone 5.”

Is this what Apple calls to be ‘ultrafast wireless?’

A reply comment on the MacRumors suggest the Wi-Fi issue on the iPhone 5 is different than what is to be found as the iOS 6 Wi-Fi issue.

The comment says iOS 6 worked fine on iPhone 4S, and hence the issue is with the iPhone 5 device and not with the iOS 6.

One forum poster even said the Wi-Fi connectivity on the iPhone 5 is very, very slow and also frequent drops is being experienced. This makes the device almost unusable on Wi-Fi network.

Remember, the Wi-Fi issue was also seen at initial stage on the New iPad that was launched earlier this year.

It is still awaited Apple to comment.

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