Apple TV is No Rumor – According to Gene Munster

Rumor has it that Apple’s iTV or Apple TV project is not in fact a rumor at all, but a guaranteed fact about to see the light of day for the first time.

When it comes to accredited backing of ideas and suggestions in the world of technology, few names carry more weight than Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray. This week, Mr. Munster has gone on record to suggest that he has personally been in touch with Apple’s supply chain in the Far East and received confirmation that component orders for the Apple TV project are already being filled.

Apple TV is No Rumor – According to Gene Munster

Early 2013 or Late 2012

In the same statement, Munster also suggested that the equally fabled iPad Mini is also “highly” likely to land before the end of the year.

According to his report, the idea of an Apple TV or iTV never has been a case of is, but more when the device will first hit the market. He stated that the most likely launch date for the first Apple TV would be early 2013, though did not write off the notion of a pre-Christmas release this year.

With regard to what the device may offer, he suggested that later models with have all the necessary hardware built in, though early releases will still be dependent on the current set-top box. Munster’s reports tie in with those of several other industry analysts of late – all of whom agree that Apple’s TV will unquestionably revolutionize the market in ways never before seen.

Retina Display

Hardware-wise, perhaps the most exciting suggestion to have surfaced over recent months is that of an Apple TV launching with a Retina quality display, continuing the legacy of the iPhone 4S, the new iPad and the 2012 MacBook Pro. Most have reached the consensus that Retina quality displays will as of now become the standard for all future Apple products, aside from perhaps the affordable iPad Mini – assuming the device exists.

Of course, the one downside that comes hand in hand with a TV of such incredible prowess will be that of its purchase price – a price expected to be considerably higher than most average consumers all willing to spend on a TV.

That being said, if Apple was to remain with smaller screens and the device could effectively replace all existing home entertainment provisions while creating a superb iOS ecosystem, it is difficult to argue that every penny will not be money well spent.

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