Apple May Ditch Optical Drive From iMac, Mac Pro

It is lately rumored that iMac and Mac Pro will be dropping the optical drives.

Notes in the configuration files of Mac OS X Mountain Lion are throwing hints an update for the iMac and Mac Pro desktop computers. It is noted through the files that the yet to be released iMac (iMac13,0) and Mac Pro (MacPro6,0) will be dropping the optical drive.

It is found by AppleInsider that the Boot Camp Assistant of Apple references the plist for displaying newer Mac models list with EFI-level support for booting the OS from USB flash drive. Well, this feature is supporting the current models. Also, explicit description says that the iDevice giant may be targeting bootable Windows 7 volume not from DVD but from image file.

Is it that Apple wants to ditch legacy optical drives forever?

If we take a look to the past of Apple, we find the company isn’t shy killing technology. Apple did so with floppy drive in first-generation of iMac. In 1998 it came with iDrive cloud storage product that though didn’t work due to less availability of broadband connections.

Today, the broadband speeds have gone up and the price of flash mass storage has also gone down. So, it is unreasonable to believe the optical drive may phase out.

Do share your views whether this iOS, iDevices maker to really phase out optical drive?

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