Apple Explains Passbook In Just Released iOS 6.1

By this time you may be wondering how to make use the Apple’s Passbook if you have owned the recent iDevices – the iPhone 5 or iPod Touch. Even the Cupertino guys have realized that its new users are flummoxed over how to use the Passbook app. No worries. There is an answer to it, and from Apple itself.

The just released iOS 6.1 adds an updated explanation to the digital-wallet app. It is pre-installed on new iPhones and iPod Touch devices.

Instead of expelling users out to the App Store to search applications that offer Passbook integration, Apple has now placed the information inside a card, and also it is an exciting information that the card remains around even after one has started using the software.

While comparing, the erstwhile explanation would be deleted the first time you added a pass, insinuate that passes could only be added through App Store.

Oops! By the way, What is this Passbook?

For those of you who aren’t still aware of it, it is an application from Apple to store membership cards, tickets coupons and boarding passes. Yes, it is more like a digital purse an added feature.

This feature can alert you to changes in connected account information. Also it pops up through the home screen to be readily and availability based on yours location.

The feature debuted as a segment of iOS 6 for iphones and iPod Touch, not available on Apple’s already launched three iPad devices. Sorry iPad users.

Critical appreciation says that Apple has failed to explain the nitty-gritty relative to the usage of the said software and its integration along with third- party apps and services. Let’s hope in near course of time it becomes more useful throughout the world and is deeply integrated in our daily life. What you say?

Apart from the Passbook move over, other reported changes in the second beta of iOS 6.1 having a reset option.

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