Apple And Motorola’s Courtroom Showdown Continues

Apple is this week to intensify its efforts in salvaging an ongoing lawsuit against Motorola Mobility – the mobile technology maker recently acquired by Google. A crucial hearing is expected which could decide the fate of the currently-stalled patent war between the two technology giants.

Federal judges are to once again hear from Apple why exactly they are pushing for a number of Motorola Smartphones to be effectively banned from sale. As such, the decision of the court this week could have an enormous effect on the future of both companies.

The global patent war between Google and Apple has been going on since 2012, when the Cupertino company began efforts to stem the tide of skyrocketing Android popularity. While Apple remains adamant that its claims are 100% fair and just, critics argue that the legal action represents nothing more than a blatant desire to wipe out the competition.

Motorola fought back with a lawsuit of its own filed against Apple in October or 2010, though Apple quickly reacted with its own counter-suit before the month was out.

Over the course of the case so for, judged have thrown out far more of Motorola’s claims than those of Apple, meaning that Apple presently has a great deal more to gain should the eventual trial rule in their favor.

The trial was due to commence last week, but was ultimately thrown out by judges who argued that along with neither side being able to sufficiently prove damages, a ruling would not be in the best interests of the public. However, Apple has had its request for a hearing granted, which has given both sides the opportunity to submit their cases and legal quarrels once again.

While Motorola only has one patent left in the case, the company may also seek an injunction.

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