Angry Birds Version 2.2 Update Supports Retina Display, Added 15 New Levels

Angry Birds added fifteen new levels in its latest update. More to this, the popular game now also support for Retina Display iPad. So, its a good news to all the iPhone and iPad users.

This is the version 2.2 update of original Angry Birds and you need to face whole new set of challenges now.

A new section added is Surf and Turf. The section offers fifteen levels in which you need to slingshot the angry birds at piggies on the beach trying to get a tan. The levels will start off easy but gradually it will get tougher and tougher as you move along.

New power-ups has been added to help you create Birdquake in shaking the pigs. Also, Sling Scope has been added to give you better aim power to reach targets. One more, a King Sling power-up provides some oomph to your slings. This will inflict more damage.

Existing Angry Bird owners will get the updates free. Others need to pay 99 cents for the iPhone version and $2.99 for the iPad one.

The new Surf and Turf level is currently only available for the iOS. It is learned the Android version of it is coming soon.

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