Android – Some Tips and Ideas

As continued from the previous topic – Basic Android Shortcuts, now I would like to provide you some more information on some of the advanced tips and tricks of the android operating system .The points will be provided with detailed guidance.


So here are some amazing tips:

  • To add a web clip on the home screen – web page> menu button > save to bookmarks > select add to and tap home screen.
  • To setup email – email > email address and password > sync email account > next > finish.
  • To add a signature – email > menu button> signature> add signature.
  • To browse and edit files – play store app> search > enter name in file manager (Astro or ES file explorer) > tap the app from the list and download it > work with files and folders.
  • To use remote desktop on your phone you may download the app AirDroid or Xtralogic.
  • To turn phone in to Wi-Fi hotspot – settings> more> tethering & portable hotspot > tap portable Wi-Fi hotspot and enable > configure Wi-Fi hotspot – enter id and password> on a computer search under networks and connect.
  • To see user details on home screen –settings> security> enable owner info option (available only on the jellybean version).
  • To reboot in safe mode – hold long the power button and then long press power off option (available only on the jellybean version).
  • To use the feature of tracking of tracks, artist – you may use TrackId (comes by default) or Shazam.
  • To take photos while recoding a video – simply tap the screen (available only on the jellybean version).
  • To make any app perform faster you may use the force on toggle.
  • To find extra Wi-Fi settings – Wi-Fi menu> advanced for extra settings> and find MAC and IP address> can also change sleep policy.
  • To see the date quickly – tap and hold notifications bar.
  • To enable NFC (near field communication) – settings > wireless and network> more.
  • To resize your widgets – tap and hold widget on home screen and use the control for size.
  • Light Flow is the app that can be used to assign different colors to the notification light.
  • To clear history – tap the small clock button on the left and remove history.
  • To use lock screen gestures – settings> CyanogenMOd Settings > Lock screen.
  • To save battery – may use Render FX that sets a single color for display by – CyanogenMOd Settings > interface > Render effect.
  • To end a call with power button – Menu > settings> Accessibility>Power button ends call.
  • To change volume without unlocking – tap power button> hold power to open power menu> then use volume keys
  • To Fix You tube problems – settings>Applications>Manage applications> you tube and press force stop and clear cache and clear data.

I hope that these tips will allow you to work on your android phone smartly and let you use 50-60% of its features instead of just showing off your phone to your friends.


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