Android 4.1 Or 5.0 Jelly Bean Images Leaked – Google Nexus Tab Coming Soon

When and where the Google Nexus Tablet finally sees the light of day, rumor has it that this “pure-Android” marvel will also herald the arrival of Android 5.0 Jelly Bean.

Of course, the more contentious out there may argue that it will more likely carry the moniker of Android 4.1, but the Jelly Bean handle at least seems to be a given.

In either case, there is every possibility that the new Android Jelly Bean OS will debut alongside the Google Nexus Tablet at the company’s I/O event next week, though it seems even the few days between now and then is far too much for the most ardent of Android devotees to bear.

As such, an program of snooping online appears to have revealed what could be the very first look at Android’s latest and greatest release.

True, the alleged ‘leaked’ screenshots do not exactly serve up the most comprehensive of overall pictures, but in many ways bear similarities to a slightly tweaked version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

In turn, this could mean that the new release will indeed be a face-lifted Android 4.1 as opposed to 5.0, while on the other hand it could be that the images are every bit as fraudulent as most other ‘leaks’ turn out to be.

Of course, my personal preference is to always digest such whispers with a rather weighty grain of salt, especially when the genuine answers may be just around the corner.

Watch this space for all the action on June 27th.

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