Android 4.0 ICS invades Raspberry Pi tiny computer

The Raspberry Pi credit card sized tiny computer is soon to get the taste of Ice Cream Sandwich. Developers of this $35 device said they are working upon running it on Android 4.0 ICS operating system.

Currently the Raspberry Pi device runs on Linux.

The device features Ethernet port, one HDMI port, two USB ports and one SD card slot. It is powered by 700MHz ARM chip and is equipped with 256MB of RAM.

The tiny and cheapest computer is also being worked upon by developers to give it a hardware-accelerated graphics as well as video. AudioFlinger, which is Google’s audio system for Android devices, is also in the To-Do list of the developer for Pi.

Raspberry Pi based on Linux OS was launched this year in February and was retailed for $35. It has gathered huge demand after its launching and at number of retailers backorder can be found.

If ICS is successful with the Pi then users can also hook up it to TVs as well as home networks and enjoy wide range of Android features and content.

Before the ICS-based Raspberry Pi is launched, enjoy the below given video of it. Also, do share your views how far this tiny Android ICS computer would succeed globally.

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