Amazon To Cut Price Of Kindle Fire By $50 – Three New Kindle Tablets In The Pipeline

Amazon may be looking to slash the price of its popular Kindle Fire tablet to as little as $150, so as to clear the way for at least two or perhaps even three new releases over the course of the coming months.

According to industry reports circulating this week, the Amazon Kindle Fire is to see a $50 price reduction in the very near future, as its creator finalizes plans to introduce an upgraded 7-inch tablet before the end of the year, either alongside or shortly before a new 8.9 inch version and a 10 inch version.

Analysts and observers alike have been awaiting an announcement as to the fate of the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 for quite some time, which is expected to manifest as the new 7-inch tablet later this year.

Few details are currently known with regard to specs, though rumor has it that the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 will deliver a screen resolution of 1200 by 800 and offer a more ‘complete-tablet’ experience than its predecessor.

Rumors have been circulating all year that Amazon has plans to introduce a larger tablet to complement its new Kindle Fire range, though this weeks are among the first to suggest at least two larger tablets of different sizes.

The Amazon Kindle Fire single-handedly launched the affordable 7-inch tablet market during Q4 of 2011, which has since been noticed by all rivals as one of the most promising and lucrative in the history of consumer technology.

While leading brands including Samsung have already thrown down their own gauntlets in terms of affordable tablet options, market leaders Apple are said to be planning an iPad Mini launch in the very near future.

Amazon on the other hand looks to be ready to capitalize on the success of the Amazon Kindle Fire by going bigger – continuing its legacy with higher-end tablets delivering more performance and improved overall experience.

No release dates, pricing details or even confirmations have yet been offered by Amazon, though it is safe to expect at least one pre-Christmas release so as to ensure a repeat performance of last year’s biblical Kindle Fire sales.

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