Amazing Dropbox Apps You should Know about

Now that Dropbox has been around for a while, a number of apps have been developed to make it easier to share or sync files with it.  New ones are being created all the time and if you have a particular need, you can check around. However, enlisted below are some amazing apps that can surely enhance your review for the Dropbox.



DropItToMe allows the user to set up a URL with password protection so that friends or business associates can directly upload documents to your Dropbox.  This permits secure transfer of large files, or files that just won’t work as an email attachment.


Since it is protected, you will not get any stuff from people to whom you have not given the password. It is an amazing pick for users since every person has a particular group for particular things.

Dropbox Forms


This application hosted by JotForm offers service which allows you to create a form on your website, for instance, and automatically sync with your Dropbox account.  So if you are collecting comments or data on one or more Websites, and want it to be collected and backed up at a central location for easy access then this is an ideal choice for you. You can use the templates provided, customize them or create your own form.

URL Droplet


This is a handy little app to save all those URLs you come across regularly, that you would really like to check out, but cannot access right away.   It is an easy way to save a URL to your Dropbox for later use.  Save links which you browse through, while working on one project that might apply to another.  Also, you can save some interesting link you come across at office which you might want to check out at home as well.

Back up Email Apps


MailDrop is a remarkable application that allows you to automatically backup selected e-mail folders to Dropbox.  Any email sent to your inbox with the word MailDrop in the subject line is automatically sent to your Dropbox.  So you can send a file from your mobile device by emailing it to yourself, even if you don’t have Dropbox installed on the mobile.


Send to Dropbox is an app that lets you create a unique email address for your Dropbox, so you can easily forward selected e-mails to it.  Also, you can transfer things to your Dropbox from other computers or devices.

Make PC programs Read or Write to Dropbox


Dropboxifier is an app that allows you to set up selected programs to read or write data automatically to or from Dropbox.  You can save a game to back it up or to use on another device, or save/backup settings for particular programs.  Multiple PCs can use the same data or settings automatically without having to transfer them with a USB drive.

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