Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 – More Advanced With New Features

Dreamweaver is a renowned name in the field of software industry and is known for developing intuitive web development software. In the recent years it has done several modifications in the previously introduced software Adobe. It has now progressed to a great deal and has introduced several database powered software. The web developers always get excited with the introduction of Dreamweaver’s new version. The latest introduction by the company is Dreamweaver CS6 with some exciting features which are further discussed in this article.


Fluid Grid Presentation

This is an appreciating effort made by the experts in allowing the web developers to design a fluid layout within Dreamweaver.


This advanced version utilizes CSS3 in a better manner as compared to the existing versions allowing the designers to create complicated designs with ease and comfort.

Enhanced HTML 5 Video And Audio


This latest version introduced by Dreamweaver offers smooth incorporation with HTML5. Adobe has made several modifications in the software so that the web developers can easily add audio and video to their websites from Dreamweaver in a much simpler way.

Improved jQuery Mobile Support


The introduction of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 has allowed the experts to design apps for Andriod platforms and iPhone which was not possible with the existing versions of the software. This cutting edge technology is welcomed by the web developers as it provided them an opportunity to prove their skills in the field of mobile technology.

Simpler Multiscreen Preview


The existing software of Dreamweaver failed to produce similar content for various devices due to its poor multiscreen preview. This issue was not much a problem when most of the individuals used PC but the issues grew more with the demand of better and enhanced browser resolution.

The introduction of Apple tablet in the market and Smartphones provided new ways of using the internet. This was how Dreamweaver came to know the limitations of the software introduced by it earlier. With these devices, Adobe realized that there was a need of modification in the software it had introduced in the market. This is how CS6 came into existence bringing in a user-friendly interface and allowing the individuals to browse contents on various devices with enhanced resolution. It also comprises of an innovative HTML5 previewer that has proved to be a boon for both the app developers and mobile browser.

The above discussed four features are just a part of the new feature now accessible in CS6. It also supports enhanced search facilities on your Mac system providing improved FTP transfer facilities and greatly increased integration with additional Adobe software programs like Business Catalyst and several others. Above Dreamweaver CS6 has really provided new power in the hands of web developers allowing them to design outstanding websites with enhanced resolution on several devices.

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