Add to Your Business Productivity with these 3 Google Tools

Apart from its ultra-ubiquitous search engine, Google also offers users a host of other productivity enhancing tools. Small and independent businesses are most well placed to incorporate the use of these tools for making their processes more efficient both time and money-wise. Featured here are three such tools from Google that any business will greatly benefit from.


Google Voice Global Spam Filtering

You can be forgiven for assuming that spam content is limited to emails alone. The nuisance of robocalls has increased to major proportions today and proves to be a huge time waster for many businesses and organizations. A solution to this problem is included in Google Voice. This mechanism works pretty much in the same manner as Gmail’s spam filtering method that keeps out junk mail from your inbox. With Google Voice, you are offered options that discard these junk calls even before they are connected through.


Google keeps a constantly updated database of spam sources and any call that originates from one of these sources is immediately blocked. You can activate this feature by exploring the ‘Calls’ option in Google Voice settings.

Google+ Hangouts


You must have heard of Hangouts as a place that allows users to video chat with family and friends. That is because Google mostly promotes Hangouts in that manner only. What it doesn’t tell you is that the tool also has a chat room feature, which is something any business meeting can find use for. The chat room allows a maximum of 10 participants but the unique aspect here is that the tool allows you to work together on documents stored in Google Drive, run third party programs , and  share your computer’s screen. While not in the league of dedicated conferencing tools like GoToMeeting or WebEx, Google+ Hangouts is still pretty good and to top it all is completely free.

Smart Rescheduler

google calendar tips-resized-600

Users of Google Calendar will invariably find wide use for this excellent tool. If a meeting needs to be rescheduled, you can simply have the Smart Rescheduler scan the shared calendars of all the meeting’s participants and come up with a new time slot. This saves you lots of trouble as you do not have to manually scan all those calendars and zero-in on the right schedule. Smart Rescheduler creates a widget the moment you enable it. Whenever you want to reschedule a particular event marked on your calendar, simply select it and click on the ‘Find a new time’ option. The tool will list some alternative time slots for you to choose from. Once you have decided on a time slot, simply click on the ‘Schedule This’ option.

Each of these tools from Google can save you valuable time and efforts, thus helping you concentrate better on other important business related tasks.

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