How to Access Facebook When it is Blocked in Office, School or Workplace

If you are a professional who works in an office, it is good for you to have a glimpse on your well-loved social networking site. Let’s say it is your way to relieve some of your stress caused by work. However, there are some offices and companies which decided to block out access to social networking sites particularly with Facebook. We all know that Facebook is the most popular social networking site. Having it blocked can make you go loco. In this tutorial, you will be taught on how to have an access to Facebook even the administrator managed to block it on your system.

Access Facebook When It Is Blocked

Actually, there are several options which you can consider to run Facebook on a blocked system:

Getting into the Service of a Secured Proxy

This is actually the easiest way to access Facebook on a blocked system. You can always find a Secure Web Proxy online. To lessen your effort in looking for the most reliable, you can just settle with the This is now the best secure web proxy provider since it has a fast and secure server. Actually, this is a recommended secure web proxy since it can still allow you to access Facebook chat, allows you to access several Facebook applications, and you can also upload photos and videos conveniently. However, this service is NOT free but spending for it is all worth it.

Open Facebook Using the IP Address

If you are going to start accessing Facebook using its own IP address, even the administrator blocked it from Windows host file. You can succeed with this by following the indicated steps:

1) Access the command prompt on your computer. You can have it by going to “Run” from the start menu and typing in the “cmd” command. On the command prompt, type in “Ping”.

2) After hitting the Facebook ping code, you will see the IP address which will allow you to directly access the Facebook website. All you need to do is to type in the IP address on the address bar. You may succeed with this 99 percent. If you are lucky, you can access the website.

3) However, if you do now have the administrative access to your computer’s system, you are unable to access the command prompt. With this, you can use the free online tool ( to find the Facebook IP address.

Visit the Facebook Site Using Opera Mini Browser

If in process above failed to work because of some administrative restrictions, you can always have it by opening the Opera Mini browser (web version). You can access the web version by clicking on the link: and you can open the Facebook homepage.

Visit Facebook Using Proxy Servers

If you are going to roam around the internet, you will view some of the available FREE proxy servers which can help you to access the blocked websites including Facebook. However, you should choose the best one as most of them are also blocked on the system. On the image below, it is the ProxyHeaven which did the trick.

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