A Step By Step Guide To Add Live Email Accounts To Outlook 2010

You must be one of the user who have been using Hotmail since long time and also user of Microsoft outlook. Sometimes it’s just tiring to have to open my multiple email account separately and check them one by one. With Microsoft’s new outlook 2010 it’s possible to integrate other email service to your existing outlook account.

Good part of outlook 2010 is that it works with a variety of email accounts including POP3, IMAP and exchange account. The disadvantage of using POP3 and IMAP is that you are only able to sync your emails and not your contacts or calendar. On the other hand exchange account allows you to sync your contacts as well as calendar. Hotmail allows you to sync everything including your contacts and calendar also. But to do that with your outlook 2010 you need to install Hotmail Connector a plugin that will allow you to access your data from anywhere.

Add Email Account In Outlook 2010

Follow  the steps bellow to Setup your Hotmail account to outlook 2010

  1. Make sure your outlook 2010 is closed. Then download and install Hotmail connector.
  2. If you’re launching outlook 2010 for the first time then at the opening screen click next.
  3. In the next window select yes when asked for “would you like to configure an email account”
  4. If you already have setup your outlook 2010 then to add your Hotmail account click file and select add account.
  5. Enter your Hotmail account information and click next to proceed.
  6. Outlook 2010 will search for your email and will setup it up automatically along with the Hotmail connector that you have previously installed.
  7. Click finish to complete the setup process and check out your Hotmail account in your outlook 2010.
  8. You will notice a small notification account at the bottom of the window which will notify you that you’re connected with your Hotmail account and it will synchronize all your contacts, emails and calendar with your outlook 2010.
  9. If you need to setup your email directly without going with the Hotmail connector options then you can do it via POP3 sync.

Steps To setup your Hotmail account with your outlook 2010 via the POP3

  1. Log into your Hotmail account and go to the settings page.
  2. Under the forwarding options make sure that POP is enabled.
  3. You have the options of enabling POP access for all the new emails that you receive or for all the mails that are available in your inbox.
  4. At the ad account information screen of outlook 2010 click on manually configure settings and click next
  5. Select internet email
  6. In the next page enter your email address and log in information.
  7. Under the server information enter the following:
    • Incoming mail server – pop3.live.com
    • Outgoing mail server –  smtp.live.com
    • Username your Hotmail id username
    • Incoming server (POP3) – 995
    • Outgoing server (SMTP) – 587
  8. Select TLS for encrypted connection and then at the bottom of page make sure to uncheck the box for remove messages from server. If you don’t do this then the mails in your Hotmail account will also be removed.

With this simple guide you can set up your Hotmail account to be used in your outlook 2010. With the configuration of POP3 you can also add your Gmail account or any other mail account that uses POP3.

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