A Simple Way of Recording Calls on Your Smartphone

Whether you are trying to nail that customer care executive about an offer which was first made and then retracted dishonestly or want to prove that your partner tends to forget plans made beforehand on phone, the need to record voice calls is felt by all of us at different moments in our professional or personal lives. Fortunately, the task is a lot easier with smartphones as there are many apps you can choose to do the needful. The two apps featured here not only record voice calls but also inform the person on the other end of the phone about the recording. This is in keeping with the prevailing privacy laws.


Google Voice

Google Voice is an excellent option if you are looking at something simple and reliable to start with instead of relying on other apps by third-party developers. The app works in a very simple manner. Whenever any call is connected through your Google Voice number, all you need to do is press 4 for the recording to begin. The recording can be stopped by again pressing 4. The app employs a voice to notify the start and the end of the recording process, which ensures both parties are in the know.


You can access this recorded call by simply logging into your GV account. You also have the option of downloading or sharing any recorded call. Google Voice doesn’t charge you anything for this feature.

The one glitch with Google Voice is that it allows the recording of only incoming calls to your phone. The best part though is the fact that you can record your calls even when using dumb-phones, provided the call itself is made via your Google Voice number.

IntCall & Call Recorder Pro


Both Google Play and App Store have a wide variety of apps that can record voice calls. However, IntCall is a highly recommended app. The app is available across both platforms but users are charged per minute of recording. IntCall also works only on outgoing calls. The recorded call is stored in the .wav format, which can be played back on your smartphone or even emailed/shared with other people.


If you are looking for an app that offers call recording both ways then ‘Call Recorder Pro’ is an excellent option. The app charges users 99 cents for every recording, be it in- or out-bound calls. The recorded calls find their way into cloud storage instead of your phone and a link to the same is emailed to you the moment a call ends. However, there are two caveats with this app. Firstly, the app is available only for iOS devices. Secondly, it limits the recording duration of any call to a maximum of 45 minutes.

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