A Review of BitDefender Internet Security 2013

The market for security software is on the rise every passing year as more and more users entrust the web with private information. Also helping the increase is the steep fall in prices of such security products. One of the stars in this sector for the past few years has been BitDefender with its range of security products. This article reviews the latest offering from its stable, BIS 2013.

BitDefender Internet Security 2013

Highly Effective in Maintaining Security

In most of the real world attack tests, which measure the ability of any security software to sustain against a bombardment of malware and viruses, BIS 2013 came up trumps. In some parts of the tests, the software managed to score a complete 100/100, which means it blocked every attack hurled towards it.


As for its ability to detect different types of malware, BIS 2013 managed a healthy figure of close to 99%, which again puts the suite among the cream of security suits available today.

Potent Disinfection Ability

Although the suite managed to miss out on a 100% detection score, it does make up for that by achieving a 100% figure for disabling all infections in a system. During cleanup tests, BIS 2013 successfully disinfected/disabled 100% of all infections in nice attempts out of ten.


That makes BIS a clear leader in the segment. The suite also accounted for very low instances of false-positives, which again puts it ahead of competitors.

User Interface

Attractive and pleasantly designed is how one would describe the user interface of BIS 2013. A huge banner with information about the protection status dominates the view upon launching the program. Locating options on the screen is rather easy. The settings button is large and gives you access to another list containing more comprehensive settings, smaller modules and the notification area. Some of the options contained within the smaller modules include online privacy, program updates, firewall, antivirus functions and a few more. You can configure all these features as per your needs.


As for the settings, BitDefender has kept them rather simple. Although there are quite a few features, they still not get too over-whelming and can be understood easily. Any difficulty in doing so can be cleared away with the help button located to the screen’s bottom-right.


BIS 2013 does put a sizable amount of stress on your system’s resources. On an average, it manages to add close to 4 seconds to the boot up time of a system. That is also the case with shutdown times. The suite also takes longer than average for both on-access and on-demand scanning.


Overall, BitDefender Internet Security 2013 is an effective and user-friendly suite. If you can ignore its average scanning times, the suite does make for a strong AV program for your PC.

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