A New Rumor about iPhone 6 which can Feature the Form Factor Overhaul

There are reports that apple is going for a curved glass display for its new iPhone 6 and the phone is all set to get the form factor overhaul by apple.

Previously there have been lots of rumors regarding the release of iPhone. But it has been almost fixed that the announcement regarding the new iPhone is going to be done on the 4th of October this year. There have been lots of discussions regarding the look of the new iPhone and people are actually eager to check out the screen size of the new iPhone which is going to hit the market. There is still some confusion regarding the design of the phone. People who are concerned about this are also going to be interested in other reports regarding the iPhone.


According to sources apple is trying to start its own glass cutting device within this year. This can provide a curved glass display to the new iPhone. The curved glass display if successful can become a big invention in terms of apple phones as well as the non apple devices. According to the sources apple is all set to release the curved touch screen within the first half of the year 2012.

There are lots of iPhone users who are quite happy with the concept of the curved glasses for the iPhone 6. This is basically the reason for the delay in the form factor of the iPhone. This form factor suggests that the new iPhone 5 is going to be a refreshed version of the old iPhone.

iphone 6 concept

As the sources report they also say that time is going to decide whether the curved glass cover for the hand held device is going to stay or not. According to some this fashion can be short lived and people might not be much interested in the curved glass for a longer period of time. Only time can say how many suppliers are actually interested in this new model. It is still not clear what apple wants to do with the curved glass technology. But sources say that it might not last long because the curved glass does not offer much functionality. So in competition with the smart phones this technology might lose out. The curved glass technology is actually considered as an aesthetic feature by many phone companies. It is not a feature which can help with phone calls.

As far as apple is concerned they are quite serious about the aesthetics of their iPhone. This is the reason why the curved glass feature is quite important for apple. The glass cutting technology is going to be used by apple not only for the display but also for some other features of the iPhone 6. Apple is planning to provide a feel and look to the new iPhone which is going to give great competition to the other smart phones in the market. Apple has also considered using the glass technology with a metal alloy for the right look. This metal alloy is created by the company called liquid metal.

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