A Look at Lesser Known iOS 6 Tips & Tricks

One of the major gripes for power users with Apple’s iOS is that the operating system isn’t flexible enough on the customizability front, which ultimately limits the overall user experience. However, Apple has included a ton of new features with iOS 6 that not only make it easier to operate but also negate the need to customize to a large extent. Here’s a look at some useful tips and tricks you can try in iOS 6.


Enable Custom Auto-Replies for Rejected Calls

There are many occasions when you just can’t receive an incoming call. However, at times you might also want to let the caller know the reason for not picking-up instead of just letting the call land in voicemail. The auto-reply feature on iOS 6 is very useful in such cases. You can immediately respond to any call via text by swiping the phone icon, which can be seen besides the unlock slider, upwards and select the option that allows you to reply with a message.


iOS 6, by default, allows you to pick from three templates for the text and you can either choose one among them or type out your own. Customizing the default templates is also possible by following this path on your iPhone,

Settings -> Phone -> Reply with Message

Assign Custom Vibrations on Your iPhone

Most modern day smartphones allow you to assign custom ringtones for certain callers to help in identifying callers without taking out the phone. However, iOS 6 brings in a completely new feature by allowing users to set custom vibrations for callers on their iPhones.


To access this feature, select any contact from your Contacts app and scroll down to locate the ringtone field. The vibration field is housed below this ringtone field. Tapping on this field will open up a range of vibration patterns you can choose from. Beyond the default vibration options, there is also an option named Create New Vibration for you to add new custom patterns. Now simply tap on the screen to design your own pattern. You can also check out how it feels by hitting the Play button. When you are done, hit the Save button.

Apart from calls, you can also assign custom vibration patterns for incoming text messages.

Retain Control over Music App after USB Plug-In

Many iPhone users like to enjoy their music while traveling by hooking-up their iPhones to USB ports in their cars. However, the UI of such a setup never found favor with Apple fans.


Thankfully, that painful UI can now be done away with iOS 6. You retain control over the iPhone’s Music app even after it’s been hooked-up to a USB playback device. This is sure to bring a smile on the faces of iPhone users who prefer to listen to music on-the-go.

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