7 Ways To Keep A Personal Journal

Journalism has many benefits to human beings if done regularly. It has been proven that it is very good for the mind. But it is not something to be done as a job, it is something that should be done as a hobby. The first thing to know about it is that if you are doing it then you must do it regularly and consistently.

You should not be fed up of it in a small interval of time. To get the full-fledged effect of journalism, you must do it constantly and do it in a proper way. A thorough idea of keeping your personal journal should be clear if you are planning on doing it. Here are 7 ways to keep your personal journal.

Personal Journal

1. Use word processor or notepad application :

As we all know that the most common and basic apps for journalism are Microsoft word and notepad. Microsoft word is included in MS Office package and needs to be installed while the notepad is default in any windows. One can make use of them for journalism.

2. Online options :

Journalism is famous and hence it has many web apps which can be used online. Let’s consider “Google docs” for the time being. It gives you a word like interface which is quite appropriate for journalism. All you need is a laptop with internet connection and you can practically journal anywhere in the world. This is also a good resource for journalism.

3. A note app :

Microsoft word and notepad work just fine while making the journal but they lack in the sense of organizing the journal entries. It can be a tedious job to organize with them. This is where a note app comes into the picture. There are many note apps available on the internet such as Evernote. They provide a very good and easy interface.

4. Create a private blog :

One of the greatest misconception about blogs among most of the people is that they are public. Whatever we do on a blog is open to the world. But this is not true blogs can also be turned to private. You have a facility set a password for other people which will restrict it other people from entering your blog or you can just make it completely personal.

5. Twitter :

It is not advisable to use any social media for journalism but that goes especially for those people who share a lot of things and have a good impact on social media. But twitter can be used as a very good private journalism website. The number of entries is restricted to 140 characters but if that is enough for you then twitter can also be a place for you.

6. Use a web service dedicated to journalism :

Go to Google and search for the web services and you will find many out there. They are specified for that purpose which makes them great for the job. They are also a good option for journalism on a daily basis because they provide almost all the facilities required for it.

7. The classics (pen and paper) :

Old is gold. The classical way of keeping your journal is still healthy and works just fine. It is with the pen and paper. You can have them anywhere and carry along with you. They are simplest to use and work quite brilliantly.

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