7 Steps to Mount Ice Cream Sandwich on Your Nexus S

Ice cream Sandwich is an updated version of Android OS released by Google which ensures the user, a better and smoother experience on their android smartphones. Released by Google in the middle of 2011 it has become widely popular amongst the android users. The Ice Cream Sandwich update is developed separately for different smartphone models and is installed like a software update for the OS instead like an application file.


Getting ICS for Nexus S

One year subsequent to the announcement of the Ice Cream Sandwich update, it became available for Nexus S model. The installation process is quite simple and is done through the bootloader screen, like most of the Smartphone updates. Given below are seven steps to get ICS up and running on your Nexus S.


  • Firstly, you need to download the Ice Cream Sandwich update. You will find it on the Google Store or Android Central official pages. But, if you have any trouble finding the ICS package then you can download them from the official link.
  • Rename the downloaded file as “update” so that it becomes “update.zip”. That’s needed for the Android bootloader screen so that the system recognizes the file easily.
  • Copy the ZIP file to the internal storage memory of your “Nexus S” Smartphone. (for example /sdcard/etc.)
  • Turn off your device and switch it on, while holding the Volume Up and Power keys to enable the bootloader screen.
  • In the menu, select Recovery using the volume keys and tap the Power button to confirm. It will show a warning sign with an arrow. Hold down the Power key and tap the Volume Up to enter the Recovery menu.
  • In the menu that pops up, choose the “apply update from /sdcard” and select the “update.zip”, the one you downloaded and renamed.
  • Wait for few minutes till the installation process is complete and then reboot the device by choosing “reboot system now”.

And that is it; you will have the brand new Ice cream sandwich running on your Nexus S once it reboots itself.

If there occurs an error during the installation progress or anything goes wrong, try using different links or look for a newer version on the official Android pages. If your phone still makes any issues, repeat steps from four to seven. For bigger errors as in case the phone doesn’t start up or the Android OS crashes, please contact the Android’s support which can again be found in the official Android pages. It is strictly advised to install the Ice Cream Sandwich update carefully step by step, keeping in mind that you have full responsibility for your actions. It is recommended to use official software published by “Android” or “Google Inc.” trademarks.

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