7 Free Services To Trace A Location From An IP Address

Every computer, website has its own IP address with help of these anyone can trace your place. If you have your own web site or you are a webmaster, you should know about this very well. It’s very useful to you trace which people are seeing your website and from where they are coming from. This IP address will help you to trace them. Everyone has a curiosity for with whom you’re dealing, from where this company is originated, and region and country from where they are belonging.

Trace Location Using IP Address

Internet allocates an IP address to each user. It’s not a big deal to find where you are currently originating. Many services are there who provide a free information like location, Pin code of the area where you have been, your service provider and various detail but they dint enclosed information regarding to you like your name, full address such a thing.

Following are the free services that provide a trace location!

1. InfoSniper:

Infosnipper is one of those software that trace your location with the help of Google maps, Microsoft map and yahoo map show his location. You also get longitude and latitude detail from which country he is operating his account. The ISP also provides information on location through Wikipedia to get more detail about that place.

2. IP2Location:

This site gives you 20 free inquiries per day. It will go up till 200 but for that you have to sign up with them. Its totally free of cost. The information IP2 provide which is not comprehensive but it gives you basic information like country network speed, approx area or code and service provider. The good thing about this site is you can share this information to your web site. They will give you a screenshot which you can upload it anywhere.

3. Geobytes IP Address Locator:

There are lots of interesting things about Geobyte it shows many things about the location. They show flag, currency, and nationality, population of country, time zone and CIA map reference. It will also show you whether this IP address is a proxy or not.

4. MaxMind GeoIP:

This is a basic location finder which shows you Domain and 3 near location code. In demo version you can check up to 25 inquires free of cost.

5. IP Tracer:

IP tracer is able to give you information on longitude and latitude with the help of Google maps. You also get an ISP and host address.

6. IP Tracker’s Lookup Tool:

This will give you plenty of detail including city, state and country. You also get information on spoken language, Connection speed, Telephone code and many more. You can also check whether its IP is suspicious or involve in spamming activities.

7. What Is My IP Address:

What is my IP address look it similar to another site. It also has the same feature like others .This site gives you information on location, organization detail. They also check this IP address is listed in their blacklist or not.

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