7 Free Mobile Apps that College Students Need to Download ASAP

Carrying cumbersome stationery- heavy books, weighty calculators, pens and rules- is a practice that’s slowly being faced out in colleges. Instead, students are turning to the more reliable, durable and portable electronic gadgets like laptops, tablets, ipads and smart phones. And to kill the mundane associated with the busy college life most students spend their free time playing online games on poker99 and other gaming sites.

In addition to such gaming apps, developers have created more apps to address various college student needs. Below, we have outlined seven of the most important mobile apps that you should have in order to enjoy a hassle-free college life.

1) Merriam-Webster dictionary

Once in a while, every college student will want to check the meaning of a word, its synonyms, antonyms or origin. Although this can easily be done through an online search, the internet may be inaccessible at times. This dictionary will come in handy at such times as it runs offline.

In addition, you may sometimes find the need to learn how a word is pronounced. The Merriam Webster dictionary has an inbuilt voice feature that provides pronunciation of different words, making it a must-have for all college English language enthusiasts.

2) Google Docs

This is an amazing cloud-based word processing app. Apart from allowing you to perform all the tasks of the usual word processors, Google Docs allows you the convenience of  accessing your documents  from any location as long as you have a supported device and reliable internet connection.

In addition, this app allows several users to simultaneously access, edit, format and save the same document in real time. You can even copy and paste content from different computers using Google Docs.

This app will also allow you to invoke live discussions between users working collaboratively on the same document. This will be of great help in discussing matters important to the document.

3) CamScanner

cam scanner

Although several learning material is available in soft copy, once in a while college students will encounter hard copy material like hand outs, booklets, text books, magazines and manuals. Such situations require students to spend considerable sums photocopying the content. You may prefer to keep the data in soft copy, raising the need to spend some bucks scanning the material.

With CamScanner app, you will enjoy free and easy scanning using your mobile device. This app uses your phone’s inbuilt camera as a scanner to take snapshots then enhances the details of the photograph to allow you clear and easy reading of the scanned document.

Moreover, CamScanner app allows you to save the scanned documents in PDF format for easy sharing. You will also enjoy the option of adding notes to the scanned document.

4) iAnnotate

Due to the extensive research involved in college studies, students repeatedly find the need to make additional notes and comments to existing documents. Instead of printing your documents to allow you to manually append comments and notes, you can find an easier alternative in iAnnotate app.

This app offers you the privilege of marking PDF documents as well as adding comments and notes. Additionally, you will be able to open several tabs simultaneously to allow you unperturbed access to several documents at the same time.

5) Pocket Points

pocket points

This app is aimed at improving concentration levels in classes. It operates on a funny principle- you are rewarded with points for keeping your cell phone off. The number of points you receive is directly influenced by the duration your mobile remains off.

These points can later be used as money substitutes to purchase various goods and services in your college or local business. This is a fun way for money-needy college students to make side money passively.

6) Dropbox

As much as electronic devices used to store and access learning material are easily cartable, they’re also prone to easy theft, loss and misplacement. This is disastrous if the information therein is not backed up.

In such a situation, Dropbox is your salvation. With this app, you get the privilege of creating a cloud-based drive where you can back up all your data. Apart from providing you with a safe storage for your documents, this drive will enable you to access your documents from anywhere using any supported device.

7) My exams

my exams app

Today’s world has numerous distractions that are potentially destructive to a college student’s academic calendar. You may have at some point found yourself overpowered by social media only to miss a lesson or exam! It’s time to take control of your academic calendar using My exams app.

This app will provide you with an automated countdown to your various scheduled tests, submissions and exams. Furthermore, it will make it exceptionally easy to plan for your several academic events as it also avails a detailed to-do function.


Every college student keen to study effectively in a fun way ought to try out these mobile apps. They will give you a successful, interesting and hassle-free college life, guaranteed!

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