6 Video Games Which People Still Remember

Video games are among those things which are favorite in passing the boring time. With the invention of computers, video games evolved a lot and they are getting better and better with time. These days you can find hundreds of best quality games which comes with high quality (HD) graphics and top notch quality of user experience but still few old games are gold till now.

6 Video Games People Still Remember

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I’m sharing here 6 video games which people still remember or you can also call them as the best video games of all time. You can still play these games and I’m pretty sure that you will love playing them in the current era as well where you can find better quality of games.

Halo 2

Alien race are coming to destroy the humankind and you need to stop them by fighting with them using all your resources and weapons. Halo 2 is available for Xbox and still the favorite games of users all around the world. It got top notch quality of graphics and impressive and addictive game play.

Civilization V

You can easily waste months playing Civilization V game and I’m pretty sure that you will get addicted to it. You can start playing this game on your computer and that’s another ease feature which can help you a bit and then graphics and game playing experience are enough to keep you addicted.

The Legend of Zelda

The evil humans are using Link to gain access to the Sacred Realm and you need to stop them as they will try and transform the beautiful Hyrulean landscape into the barren wasteland. It got everything which you will need to get addicted and I’m pretty sure that you will surely find yourself addicted in no time.

Grand Theft Auto V

You will be joining the metropolis of Los Santos which is a vast city and full of crimes and criminals. You need to solve the mysteries and help yourself earn a respect as a criminal or even as a protector. There are endless missions awaiting you to complete them and its high quality almost real kind of graphics animations will keep you addicted for sure.

Perfect Dark

You are going to play the role of an agent in this game and you will be trained by the Carrington Institute for everything you need to do in this game. You need to uncover the truth behind many mysteries and cases which are unsolved till now. But your way is not going to be that easy. If you are searching for an easy game then this isn’t the one for you.

Resident Evil 4

I’m sure that you watched this movie many times and also liked it but this is now the time to play its game in which you will become a US agent and then you need to investigate to find out missing president’s daughter as Leon. Be aware as the zombies in your way are not that easy to be killed and neither they are ready.

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