6 Advantages of Nexus 7 vs. Tablet or Smartphone

6 months have passed since Nexus 7 has been introduced. It stands out to be a promising as well an attractive device which is indeed gathering endless and everlasting craze among one and all. Hence, it necessitates you to arm yourself with the detailed and complete features of the product which has certainly gathered various eye balls.

Exemplary features

  • Nexus 7 being quite light, is equally synonymous with having a perfect and coveted size which is considered to be the best one between a smart phone and a bigger tablet.
  • Another equally great thing is that, the device can easily fit in your pocket and you can easily hold with one hand. If you are in the process of travelling, then it stands out to be equally portable as well.
  • Nexus 7 has full Android OS and it makes Google Play store easily accessible to any sort of thing.
  • You can also get it at a lower price as compared to full-priced smartphones.
  • As compared to tablet, Galaxy Note 2 has large screen which in itself is a great thing for you.

The price of Galaxy Note 2 stands out to be at $300 and you get it from network carriers under two-year contract. On the other hand, while by just shelling $200 you are going to be a prized owner of Nexus 7. Hence, you are surely going to make a smart decision for yourself. Especially in the market, you have the luxury of large tablets as well as high-end smart phones, but none can match to the capabilities of Nexus 7. Here you will never have to face any problem especially as you are in the process of reading. Thereby, you are going to enjoy to the core, thus reading will become quite pleasurable like never before as well.


Although, its price stands out to give you one of the coveted reasons to enjoy enjoying such an enhanced product whose exemplary feature speaks volume like never before. However, one the other hand, if in case you still feel that you are in quite a tight budget, then there is certainly good news for you as you have the convenience and luxury of buying a smaller mini-tablet. After all, Google has come up with the cost effective version of Nexus 7. According to reports, Google is selling for $99. Hence, it stands out to give you even greater news which will make you jump with joy for sure.

According to reports, the sale of Nexus 7 in 2013, is expected to be sustained. Earlier, it was believed, that there are going to be sales of 1 million units in December 2012, while the sales were between 700,000 and 800,000 units. However, thanks to its other version, you can smartly choose according to your needs. Great isn’t it?

Finally, Nexus 7 gives you several reasons to consider the gadget over others. Hence, you should not think twice towards buying it and experience the exemplary benefit like never before as well.

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