5 Ways To Spot A Craigslist Scam

Craigslist offer are much known for their deal but you should be aware of fraud and scam or any other activity before investing. In this article we are trying to go through dodgy deals of Craigslist. If you are thinking you will get caught in Craigslist scam, the following are some tips to prevent from such fraud.

Spot A Craigslist Scam

1. Never do wire funds:

If a seller is asking for wire fund’s from moneygram or western union or any other wire service then he is surely a fraud. Don’t deal with such people. If you does then Craigslist is not responsible for that.

2. Escrow:

To protect from this scam you can also use Escrow online services which are quite good idea. But nowadays there are also chances to get scammed from that. Scammer’s set up a site which looks similar to Escrow services. Be aware of that!

3. Craigslist doesn’t involve in any transaction:

Craigslist is already mentioned in there site that they are not involved in any kind of transactions or even not giving any guaranty for such a transaction. Craigslist doesn’t handle any payment or even don’t provide any seller or buyer certification which can protect you from scam activities. They also don’t have any protection policy to protect your from scammer’s. In Craigslist no one can give you guarantee of transaction and if someone giving you guarantees then he must be a scammer or fraud.

4. Cashier’s Checks:

Don’t dispatch goods with just seeing photos of check or money order since they may be fake. Always wait till you get check in your hand and it’s clearance in your bank account. Craigslist always warn that fraudulent cashier check’s are common and you won’t know it’s real or fake until it get bounced after a week. After that you have to pay penalty to your bank or it directly deduct from you account.

If cashier is giving check for amount which is more than the actual cost, there is no doubt it’s a scam. Just Walk away from those kind of deals as a precaution. Sometimes sellers ask for the bank detail’s including bank account number, credit or debit card detail. Don’t give such information to them.

5. Partial Payment:

If dealer is asking for some advance or partial payment to secure you good, then doesn’t deposit the amount in his account since most of the time it will be a fraudulent activity. Craigslist always suggest you to deal only with locally guys.

You can meet the person face to face and deal with him. If you follow this rule, you can avoid scam’s 99%. Don’t deal anything on online basis. Meet him before a deal and discuss with him all the things which are required for the deal. If you are comfortable with it then only go for payment. Before dealing with unknown client think for a while whether it is a scam or not. Get a confirmation from your friends or colleague who is involved in dealing with such things. You will get an idea about the deal. I hope, this information will help you a lot to protect from such Craigslist scam.

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