5 Hollywood War Movies Based On True Stories

We all love movies. Movies provide an escape from true world for everyone. Everyone loves fiction and influence us. But sometimes it happens that reality is more influencing than movies. But to spread that influence and to motivate masses the message has to reach out to everyone it has to be available for everyone. Movies are a great way to do that. Every once in a while something happens that shocks us from the core.

Terrorism is on a major rise nowadays. This results in war many times. One country sees the war from their perception and another countries from another. It is important that all the facts are put correct in front of everyone. Movies do that. They represent the true facts to all. So many movies are based on real time events. So here are the 5 Hollywood movies –

Schindler’s List

This movie was released in 1993. It revolves around time of World War 2. Oskar Schindler brought in Jewish workers to work in his factory to make weapons. But when SS begins killing Jews in Krakow Schindler faces a serious situation. Now what will he do?


The Enemy at the Gates

This movie was released in 2001. The movie is based on the battle of Stalingrad. The battle was fought for 5 and half months between Nazi’s and Russians. During the battle a sniper draws special attention to him because he kills 225 Nazi’s with his skills.

We were Soldiers

This movie was released in 2002. The movie is based on the first battle between United States and Vietnam forces. The movie is very moving as it shows the bonding amongst the soldiers in a troop. The story shows the true meaning of valor, loyalty and heroism.

The Pianist

This movie was released in 2002. The movie is made from a common person’s perceptions of war. In this the main lead sees the changes in his town because of the World War 2. The movie shows how he had to hide to save his life. The movie shows what war does to a common man and to the people it affects.

Letters from Iwo Jima

This movie was released in 2006. The movie is based on the time during World War 2. From a small island in Japan some letters are recovered. Those letters describe a situation where a Japanese general was there with his troop on purpose. They knew they would not survive but they never left and due to their amazing military skills they were able to keep American troops away from them. The movie shows that country was bigger to them than their lives.


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