5 Firefox Tips That Will Enhance Your Browsing

Most people these days use Firefox for browsing and the performance for Firefox is very good as compared with other browser.

This article will provide you with some tips that will allow you to enjoy safe and secure browsing with Firefox. To employ some of the tips you may need to download some extension of Firefox and set up but this will be worth it as it will enhance your browsing speed.

Firefox Tips

1. Protect Tab vs. Lock Tab:

Tab Mix Plus is one of the best extensions of Firefox that will enhance the tab browsing in Firefox. Another extension called Tab Browser Extension also provides similar functions. These two features are almost similar so let’s differentiate between them:

  • Protect Tab: this feature will lock the tab which will prevent accidental closure.
  • Lock Tab: this will prevent you from navigating to a new URL. This feature will lock you in the page your currently in. Any link you select will open in a new tab.

2. Use Keyboard HotKey To Select Specific Tab:

There are built in in keyboard shortcuts in Firefox that will enable you to navigate to any of the open tabs very quickly. This feature is very useful when you have opened multiple tabs. To use the hotkeys do the following:

  • Ctrl + 1 will select the left most tab
  • Ctrl + 2 to 8 will enable you to select the tabs in order from left to right
  • Ctrl + 9 will always open the right most tabs.

3. Open The Current Tab In A New Window Of Firefox:

If you are using a more than one monitor then this feature will be really useful to you and for this to work you need to install Tab Mix Plus. After you have installed tab mix plus right click on a tab and you will notice the option duplicate in new window.

Alternatively you can use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N. you can also add a list of different action to right click tab context menu.

4. How To Make Firefox Use Multiple Rows Of Tabs:

If you are a power user of Firefox then this option will be really beneficial to you. For this to work you need to have tab mix plus extension installed. After installation do the following:

  • Open the options menu and go to display tab
  • Then in the option of when tabs don’t fit width from the drop down menu select multi-row and you can also set the maximum number of rows to display.

5. How To Save Open Windows And Tabs During Restarting Firefox:

When you have multiple tabs open you really don’t want to restart your Firefox or your PC. You also don’t want to bookmark them but don’t want to lose the information that the tabs are providing. To solve this dilemma you can use either of the options:

  • Install Restart Firefox Extension which will keep the tabs exactly as they were before restarting Firefox.
  • Enable Firefox to save all the windows and tabs you were on. You can do this from the options of the Firefox in the main tab when Firefox starts drop down menu select show my windows and tabs from last time.
  • Use Tab Mix Plus to save all your windows and tabs. Open the settings and change when browser starts to restore.

Hope these tips were helpful to you and do let us know is you come across some other browsing tips.

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