4 Reasons Why Windows 8 Is Better Than Previous Versions Of Windows

Well this year February Windows 8 consumer preview was released which took the windows world by storm as it brought many new features and also changed the way in which we use our windows.

Windows 8

Windows 8 is nearly finished being developed and the last version called Release Preview will be made available to all the users in the First week of June before the final stable is released in the market. There were previous discussions on how to get most out of windows 8 and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using windows 8.

But we never took a look at the things that make windows 8 a better window than the previous windows versions that were released.  So in this post on tech tips we take a look at some of the reasons why Windows 8 is a better choice than the previous windows.

1. Faster Start Up Time

For this test we used an ordinary core i5 notebook with 3GB of RAM and 128GB SSD drive. Even on this configuration it was clearly apparent that windows 8 have a faster boot up time than the windows 7 on the same hardware.

The reason for this is simple windows 7 uses a single core for booting up where as windows 8 uses all the available cores to boot up the system which makes the entire process very fast.

2. Increased Performance And Better Battery Life

Other than improvement in performance due to efficient coding of windows 8 you will also notice that windows 8 provides much better battery life to your laptop without sacrificing any performance.

Our test machine which is two years old saw a noticeable performance gain with windows 8 with WI-FI on whereas on windows 7 the results were disappointing with poor battery life in normal usage. The chart that we have displayed shows the difference in performance with Wi-Fi on and off. This is a good news because you can make your current laptop last longer when using windows 8.

3. Faster Performance Due To The Availability Of More Memory

Having a faster processor doesn’t necessarily mean that your programs and applications will open faster. It also depends on how much memory or RAM you have installed on your system. Windows 8 uses much less memory than Windows 7.

In the task manager of windows 8 you can see that with no application running windows 8 uses much less memory so as a result more memory is available to you which enable you to run more programs efficiently. As more memory is available your system has to access the hard drive less so your entire system speeds up.

4. Faster And Better Web Browser

The browser that is available on windows 8 is Internet explorer 10 which is also available for windows 7 but you will notice performance gains when you are using the browser in windows 8.

The browser comes with improved UI and also renders different webpages at improved and faster speeds even various benchmarks that have been carried out show that the windows 8 internet explorer 10 is much faster than other browsers that are available.

So there you have some of the reasons why you should consider using windows 8 when the final stable version is released. It offers many improvements over the previous versions and also comes with a new UI.

Do let us know if you come across some other tips or reasons that make windows 8 better than windows 7.

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