4 Best Portable Apps For Your USB Flash

USB drives are really convenient for storing and transferring data because they are small sized and can be carried around easily. These days many small sized USB drives are becoming available which offer very high capacity at a very reasonable price.

So why not put all those extra space to some good use by carrying around some of the best portable apps that can be used at any time without any installation.

Portable Apps For USB Flash

To help you out we have prepared a guide of apps that will really help you out in your day to day life.

1. PortableApps

This is one of the most amazing portable apps suites which will allow you to carry the free open source portable utility apps in your USB flash drive. If your USB drive is large enough you can carry all the apps and best part is to run the apps you don’t have to install them.

2. CodySafe

This is another portable utility app that will allow you to carry all your favorite application in your USB drive. It is very easy to set up also. When you run the installer it will give you the option of what you which applications you want.

Once you have selected the applications you want to install the applications will be downloaded directly to your USB drive and you’re ready to use your USB drive as a portable application carrier.

3. Productivity

There are many productivity apps that you can carry around in your USB flash drive which will allow you to complete your job on the go. Some of the apps are:

  • LibreOffice Portable is the best portable apps that will allow you to view and edit your Microsoft office documents. You can also use this app to modify the wordpad document on the go
  • There are many great portable note taking applications such as Metapad, Notepad++ and fluentnotepad. You can highlight texts and also use any language to take the notes. They are light weight flexible apps.
  • FocusWriter is a minimalistic word processor which will allow you to create a word document which gets saved automatically when you close it and you open the program it resumes from where you left off.

4. Image Editors And Viewers

If you are carrying portable apps in your USB drive then it wont be complete if you don’t have some good image editing software with you because you don’t know when and where you might need them. So we have compiled a list of good programs for you:

  • GIMP Portable: GIMP is the most famous image editing software and with the portable version you can perform simple paint editing, expert photo retouching and also convert images to various other formats.
  • IrfanView Portable: is a lightweight portable portable program for fast image viewing in windows that support vector graphics, animated images, movies and other type of image files.
  • CamStudio: this is a portable app that will allow you to record your screen and audio activity in your computer and save them as FLV Videos.

There you have some of the best portable apps that you can carry in your USB flash drive. Stay tuned for the next par

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