3 Top Freewares Apps For Your Multiple Desktops

Those who are tired of switching on and off between multiple desktops perhaps think of some software that will share certain hardware and software interface in a less complicated way. So here are three freewares apps for your computers, which could be an easy solution to your problem.


It is reliable as well as easy to use graphical front end for Synergy. The best part of this app is you will get all features of Synergy but you won’t have to bother about complicated configurations. So we can say that it is Synergy minus tedious configurations.


It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
The clipboard sharing allows copy and paste between server and clients
You can share your hardware like keyboard and mouse
It can support at least 15 machines at once.


Setting the app is a difficult job
No file sharing

Mouse Without Borders

This is a Microsoft Garage project developed by Truong Do when he was sick and unable to switching between of his systems at work. In short it is named as MwB and it supports up to four computers run on Windows operating system.


You can easily drag and drop files across your systems
Copy and paste files across computers
Share mouse and keyboard amongst at least 4 computers
Lock and unlock all your computers simultaneously


Only support Windows PC. So sorry for Linux and Mac users
This is limited to up to four computers only at a time

Win Switch

Window Switch is the easiest way to connect computers in a network to share individual applications. With the help of this software, you can launch an application in one computer and continue to work in multiple computers.


It supports all three OS – Windows, Mac and Linux
Launch a program and project the same on different systems
Computers do not have to be in the same room


It allows sharing of programs only and not the files.
It does not help sharing keyboard or mouse.

Oh yes. If you are looking for more premium experience then you can go for the Multiplicity app. It has a free version too and is equipped with some most useful elements. The paid version is far better and it can support up to 9 computers. As it has a free version, it is worth trying before you opt for the paid one. It is available only for PCs and not for Linux and Mac. Sorry.

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You have any better than these three in your knowledge? Do share it with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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