3 Good Habits to Have as a Blogger

Any person who passed grade school can write and communicate a message.  Business people use communication skills online, offering goods and services associated to a company brand.  Bloggers, while electing to keep enterprises personal or commercial, need to facilitate good online habits, compelling readers to visit their online real estate more often.

Good Habits

Just as schooled students learn effective insights, optimizing communication skills, bloggers must learn good habits, which help build successful brands.  While good things take time to take fruition, bloggers may expedite the good reception of their content by doing the following.

Thick Skin

Young children are sometimes affected by the critiques of teachers; some parents urge students to grow a ‘thick skin.’  Meaning, the students should not take criticism too personally.  The trajectory of learning takes all learners through novice phases – no matter what one’s learning, there’s a curve and inefficiencies involved.

It’s highly likely some readers will not agree with all a blogger says or suggests.  While debate evolves discussion, sometimes comments get ‘ugly,’ potentially affecting the ego of a blogger or associated business.  As in life, people in the web host varying ideas and thoughts.  It’s important for a blogger to grow a ‘thick skin,’ keeping focus and respectable at all times, whether people agree with their thoughts or not.

Building a thick skin, understanding how to differ with others in a professional manner, is advantageous to bloggers of all levels of experience.

Editorial Calendar

Marketers understand consumers need consistent messages, maintaining brand communications.  Consistency is part of the branding process.  If a brand releases information consumers want, the latter group continues to return.  If the brand experiences a lull in releasing content or gives inconsistent publish messages, consumers get confused, forgetting about the content and the brand.

An editorial calendar ensures a brand is making continuous impressions.  Moreover, like all things in life, bloggers become more effective the longer they practice and publish.  Additionally, added content means more indexed information in search engines, facilitating the chances of new sales.

Editorial calendars give bloggers a tangible timeline, ensuring they are creating continuous messages and making impressions on consumers.

Genuine Personality

Have you ever made a mistake?  Most have.  None of us are perfect, as proven by science.  However, some place added pressure on online marketing, believing a brand and related personalities must appear ‘perfect,’ which usually inspires objective, broad information that is void of personality.  While brands must cater to customers, many customers enjoy personable brands and personalities.

Consumers have many choices.  Why should they purchase from your brand?  Why should they ‘like’ you?  Why do people like other people?  It’s due to personality and reciprocated interest.  Don’t be afraid to express personality, being who you are rather than perpetrating a false sense of knowledge or trying to make a brand appear without some fault.  For one, consumers are smart, sensing falsification.  Secondly, being genuine facilitates the truth about an owner, their brand, and associated goods/services.

Consumers want the truth, for better or worse.  Brands can’t guarantee perfection, and consumers are okay with that.  Continuously striving for excellence is an acceptable and respectable brand philosophy.

Jacob Wilks is a professional organizer. He loves to share organization tips on various professional and entrepreneur blogs. Visit the Clear promotions link for internet services in your area.

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